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    décembre 2010

    Draconis Liberi (Exclusive Kinship) Accepting membership applications....

    Draconis Liberi has been a private kinship for my own toons since Nov 2012. It is a Level 8 Kinship with a kinhouse in Bree homesteads. Draconis Liberi

    I have decided to open it to more members but I am going to be very strict on criteria for approval. This kinship is for ADULTS ONLY. (No that does not mean this is an X-rated or porno kinship. It means no children.)

    Applicants must be:

    25 yrs of age or older.

    Level 30 character or above. (20 or above if you have another character in the kinship at 30 or above)

    Have been playing LotRO for at least 6 mo. Or other MMOs for at least one year.

    VIP or Premium members prefered. But not required.

    I am not looking to be the largest kinship in LotRO. Nor am I looking to be the most active, though that would not be a bad thing. I am not trying to be the most powerful kinship. I simply want a kinship full of members who can conduct themselves with dignity and treat others with respect and not be an embarassment to my kinship.

    Prospects may apply by personal message here, or by sending a letter to Dranoell or Dranoelle in game.

    If you meet the criteria for membership, Draconis Liberi will be honoured to count you among its ranks.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Dranoell (Founder)
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