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Discussion: Hello

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    mars 2012


    I am looking for the Gwir-palvais shoulder pads for my cosmetic wardrobe. I will pay 20 gold for them. If you would like to sell it to me send a letter to my character Rubicante so we can set up a time to meet for the trade, I will not pay upfront. If you do not already have the item and want to fetch it for me to make money, it can be found as a random drop in the three-man instance Pits of Isengard. Unfortunately I do not have the Isengard instance pack or the Tp to get it so I cannot do it myself. Please help me.


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    juin 2012


    I know how hard it is to get the right cosmetic stuff. I am a free to play and I really want some cool hunter gear, that I saw on a cosmetics website, but it's all from the great river, or isengard, or a random instance in mirkwood. Have you looked on the auction house?



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