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Discussion: ISO Smaller screen UI

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    juillet 2009

    ISO Smaller screen UI

    First off: Im 1000% ignorant on how to do any of this but there are a lot of nice good looking ui's and I would really like trying them, I'm just afraid of messing something up because I tend to do so on a daily basis lol. Would somebody be willing to show me some ui's that are made/compatible for small screens? annnnnddd well if youd be able to skype or enter my teamspeak to talk me through the installation and activating it.



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    mai 2007
    Tempe, AZ
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    Up until last year my UI was made for a smaller screen with the left side of the toolbar erased to make way for the chatbox. That changed when I finally got a big monitor. I would look through what's available on LotROInterface. There is probably a minimalist interface somewhere that will serve your specifications, although it may not be up to date. There are also tutorials on installing them. Yes, it's a little difficult for a newbie, but you can do it.
    Elven Adventuress UI ~ Newbie Guide To Playing LotRO ~ Guide To Dual-Boxing LotRO



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