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Discussion: First age bow

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    novembre 2012

    First age bow

    Hey all! I was wondering if there was a minimum lvl for first age items. Also, if anyone actually uses the trade forum for windfola, could someone make me a first age bow for the character in my sig? i'll pay for it too! thanks!

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    novembre 2010
    There are no craftable 1st Age bows till level 65. And you will need a Symbol of the Elder King to craft one of those.

    Otherwise, if you can do the Filikul (or "Turtle Raid") instance, if you have it opened up, to collect Bright Emblems of Nimrodel to barter for one. 4 symbols (1 drops per person, per raid) will get you a level 59 1st Age bow, 6 will get you a level 60 1st Age bow.
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