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    septembre 2010

    About a Festival Event I am planing on Firefoot!


    Durning last years Festival Event I put together a parade which turned out pretty well as we had around 30 to 40 toons marching. This year I want to do something like a Whole Map Run in where toons would start at lets say Thorns Hall and end up at the portal going into Moria intro area in Eregion. The path would make sure we walked thru every area in between. Also everyone would be on foot which means no horses. Now as a reward for making the complete run I would offer a prize to all who made it like something like a sturdy key. (yes I have a lot of them)

    What I am trying to find out is if I put something like this together on Firefoot would there be an interest in this type of festival event?

    Thanks TTYL :-)

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    septembre 2010
    Puerto Rico

    Question odd

    seems like an in game procession.....whats the meaning and motive of such long torture ?????????? festival event should be more fun things to do...interesting and playful ..not this plain and dull plan ...add more to this to get ppl to engage in a server wide event .
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    septembre 2010

    You know not everything in the game has to be hack & slash! Sometime it is fun to just to get to know the other people on a server without all the drama of a raid or other type of combat events. Durning last years parade I got to know several other players who I am still friends with today and wouldn't have meet them other wise. Now of corse if this idea doesn't fly so be it, nothing is set in stone as of yet.

    TTYL :-)

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    décembre 2007
    SW Missouri
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    I'm a bit late.

    Sounds like it could be fun, but I would have everyone on horses. Great way to show off all of the different horses and steeds that people have, but as you said I'd probably have them walk part of the way at least.

    You could vary it. When in population centers (e.g. most of the Shire, Bree-town) you could have the procession walk through, but then in other areas where there aren't people (e.g. Trollshaws) you could move at a faster pace. Perhaps even a couple of mini events within the event along the way.

    Definitely get the word out though. And then don't listen to the nay-sayers (which unfortunately FF has a few loud ones) Let them go on with their boring old lives and let those who want to have some fun join you. If it's a time I can be there I'd love to come along.
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