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    juin 2011

    Goat Orchestra is recruiting!

    We are looking for active people who know their way around their class(es) and are geared* and ready to come raid with us.
    Do you like doing challenging content, even though the rewards might not be great?
    Do you mainly want to have a lot of fun and no drama, but still kill hard bosses?
    Then Goat Orchestra might be the place for you.

    We are currently looking for 3 cappies, 2 ranged DPS, 1 Loremaster, 2 healers and 2 tanks.
    Goat Orchestra is a raid alliance, meaning you do not necessarily have to join the kinship in order to raid with us. (but you obviously still can if you want to!)
    As we have members from multiple countries, our language is English, so this is obviously also a recuirement.
    We also use a voice chat server outside LotrO for communication. Listening to the raidleader on that is required, speaking on it is not. (but it is a lot more fun if you do!)

    Does the above description suit you, head on over to our site, send me a PM or send a tell to our officers in game (Tindillin, Novadoam, Mabnarth, Orenoko) or shout in GLFF if they seem to be on alts

    *geared being a loose term, this doesn't mean you must have FAs, but at least Hytbold gear is a requirement.
    Dernière modification par Kortaan ; 27/03/2013 à 20h09.
    Characters: Tindillin (100 Rank 7 Rune-keeper), Arnillion (95 Rank 4 Hunter) on Evernight

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    juin 2011
    Good luck with recruitment
    Rucagorn, The White Guardian - Portugal



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