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    juin 2007
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    Yeah we did put them to work.

    I did talk to Sapience about LOTRO having a presence at MegaCon down here.
    Perhaps these photos I took will help tilt the scale:

    Also we work with MegaCon - if I can be of any help making it happen, hit me up!


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    septembre 2010
    Lakeland, Florida


    Thanks again to you and Kick for the get together the other night. I forgot to ask you a question and thought about it today. At the supper the other night I mentioned the fact that hunters can't desperate flight in the moor's. I mentioned it to a kin mate and they thought that it was odd since a warg can hyps in combat. Also, did you ever have a chance to find out why you can't track from horseback in the moor's? Hope you enjoy your stay down here. Let me know how that bbq place was.
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    Sapience est déconnecté Former Community Manager & Harbinger of Soon
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    août 2008
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    Just an update to let you all know that the money collected at the event has been deposited and added to the Extra Life 2013 page.

    Thank you all again for your generosity.


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