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Discussion: Dark Legion

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    Cool Dark Legion

    Hi all,

    Dark Legion (rank 10) is now recruiting new members. We are mostly a end-game raiding kin, however, we do offer assistance to lower-level members. Here are some of the things we offer:

    1. Extensive raiding. You always wanted that 1st age weapon? No luck so far in getting the symbol? We're here to run the instance for you as long as needed for you to get it, provided the time allows us to. After all, everyone benefits from running instances in one way or another
    2. Casual, relaxed and helpful atmosphere. There's no such thing as a "noob" within our ranks. If you don't know something you should, we'll teach you. If we don't know (which is a rare occasion), we'll look it up and then teach you.
    3. Priority raid placement. We are not a huge kin with hundreds of members, so you can be sure you will find a place in a raid or instance with us.
    4. Crafting. All kinds, all levels, all guilds. Period. If we have the mats, we'll make you the item, even if it needs a "symbol" (provided one is readily available at the time of request).
    5. No bs in kin chat. Literally. We respect each and every one of our members.
    6. Help in questing for lower-level characters for those who want to level up faster.
    7. Own TeamSpeak 3 server hosted on our own servers and a forum -
    8. Free email addresses for all kinnies . Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

    What we expect of you:

    1. Ability to listen - as in both mentally (to your raid leader and not do things they didn't ask you to do) and physically (sound output device is available). Microphone is preferred but not required.
    2. Mature behavior. Read part 5 of what we offer.
    3. All levels are welcome, even if you are just starting at level 7.

    If the above sounds like a plan for you, contact Aeonwen, Ariannwen, Mysticque, Dysa or Sicareus in-game, or register on our forums ( and post your character name(s) in the "Recruitment" section. Our officers will then get back to you. See you in Middle-earth!
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