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    mai 2007
    I can remember when I got my first war steed I didn't have this problem. It was only when I put points in the skill tree that increases the steed's speed that I first saw the slow down/speed up issue. At that time you had to increase the speed first in order to improve your maneuverability. As it is now, if I run my war steed at full speed in a straight line it's fine. But if I try to change direction or circle something the problem starts up. I always wished they would just decrease the speed of the war steeds. It may not totally fix things but I think it would help.

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    octobre 2010

    In full agreement

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    This is probably the worst thing about the game and totally sinks the Warsteed game system. They cant fix it. It's impossible. It has nothing to do with any graphic settings or internet speed settings. You can put everything down to the lowest possible setting and get the exact same problem that you face at the highest settings.

    That god awful hitch that has been present in this game since Closed Beta. There is something wrong with the engine.

    If you ride your Warsteed at the same speed as a regular mount, you still have the problem. So there is something wrong with the Warsteed. Maybe it has to send more information to the server than a regular mount, and it is trying to compensate for those little blank spots. Speed up, speed down, speed up, speed down....Makes the Warsteed game system flat out not fun. I hope they ditch this system. They have done it before. Housing was relegated to the back burner for years.

    That and the god awful Legendary Weapon system need to go......ASAP. But Turbine has already proven they have people working on the game who do not even play it. Hence the whole heavy armor loot that is lower than level 10. It took them a year or so to figure out that Heavy Armor passive started at level 10.

    Somewhere, at a cubicle in Turbine HQ, someone is thinking they are doing a great job with the Warsteed and LI systems....when we all know if they polled the players at least 90% would be in favor of a total revamp of both systems.
    Great post. I am in full agreement.


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