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Discussion: Trouble with plugins

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    mai 2011

    Trouble with plugins

    Ok so last night my internet crashed while playing. Today I load characters and some of the plugins will not load, I get ...nline\Plugins\SaelythPlugin s\PersonalStrats\Main.lua:12: Unable to parse file! ...nData/Accountname/Riddermark/Nartharun/PersonalStratsSettings.plugind ata:1: unexpected symbol but I also get that the - Saelyth's PersonalStrats plugin Version 1.8 Loaded -

    This also occurs with bevy o bars and palantir II on my main but I can load other characters and have bevy and strats load but no palantir. Anyone with plugin knowledge know how I can fix this?
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    In most cases this will require removing the invalid data. In some cases this is due to the plugin not supporting the european decimal notation (comma instead of period in numbers). In other cases it can be due to improper handling of utf8 encoded special characters. In your case, since it happened after a client crash, it sounds as though the data was not properly saved to disk when the client crashed. The best way to deal with this is to post on the download page for the specific plugins, typically at

    If you do not have any custom data that you may want to preserve, such as setup, etc. for the plugin in question, then you can usually just locate the .plugindata file that is in the error message and delete it. Do NOT delete any files other than those with a .plugindata extension. The next time the plugin loads it should recreate the settings/data with default values, eliminating the error. If the problem persists, then it is likely one of the improper data handling issues I mentioned earlier and the only real solution is to post on the plugin's download page so that the author will know that they need to fix their plugin.
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    Thanks for the reply Garan.



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