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    novembre 2008

    Exclamation Aules Hammer Looking for ACTIVE Members!

    Aules Hammers is recruiting and looking for active players. I've had this Kin for a while now but recently started to get it going by recruiting. Little by little it's building up! Skoddar (2nd in command) and myself reside in Southern California so we're mainly based on pacific time. We welcome all classes and levels from all over the world. We're pretty much a bunch of players who like to swear and talk loads of &&&&. BUT we help each other when we need it. So we play the game while dishing out a good burn, but we also come the aid of anyone who needs it. We've been doing kin runs with the members we have. More members means more Instances/Skirmishes/Raids. Need help questing? wanna do a run at level with fellow kin mates? Have questions on how to play the game? Dont know what the One Ring is? No problem!

    So come on over if you can handle a bit of raunchy,adult humor,lots of swearing, helpful Kinmates and the ability to decorate our kin house! if you're interested I urge you to send me an in game mail! I look forward to seeing you guys in the kin. ( I held back LOTS of swearing. I dont know who sees this but I guarantee kin chat will be full of !%!$@%@$#*#&#

    -Viralin Brohammer

    Virthrandir-Lore Master

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