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    Advice on crashing issue possibly related to plugins

    There is a link to the thread I created in the support forums, but since it seems to me that it is plugin related I figured I would ask here.

    I was having an issue where logging into certain characters was causing a memory quota error and crashing the game. Through trial and error I determined if I removed my plugins and the plugindata folder that this issue stopped.

    So I thought I'd add a few at a time and see if the issue popped up again. I did this about an hour ago. I installed Bootstrap, KikiInventory, HugeBag, and TitanBar.

    I went through 3 characters setting them up, and when I try to log into one that crashed yesterday (I did log into this morning after removing plugins) it is crashing again. So it seems to me it is somehow plugin related, but I just don't understand how since the character never actually loads and I never even enable the plugins.

    Any ideas/advice/things I can check?

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    The quickest way to be sure that no plugins are automatically loading without losing your data is to simply rename the PluginData folder since the settings file which controls the Turbine Plugin Manager (PluginOptions.xml) is stored in each server folder under that. Once you rename the folder, just load the client and run the game as usual without loading any plugins and if it still crashes you can be certain the crash is not plugin related. You can then recover your plugin data by removing the new PluginData folder (if the client creates one for you) and renaming the old one.

    I just read your other posts in your other thread and it seems your issue may have more to do with the fact that the client is 32 bit and has addressing issues when it gets close to using 4gb of memory. Any plugins that cause it to use a significant amount of memory could crash the client, especially if they are accidentally getting into an infinite loop allocating memory - it only takes a couple of seconds to crash the client in that situation (not that I've ever written an infinite loop that allocated memory... nothing to see here, keep moving... doo do do do doo...) Anyway, you could simply try renaming the PluginData folder and running the plugins one at a time for a while to see if they are causing the issue.
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