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    janvier 2013

    Looking For Kinship Using Raidcall, Vent etc

    Just started playing a few days ago and need more in-game friends to chat and play with

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    novembre 2010
    1 highspires st Thekksgrof


    Massive Dynamics Has and offers a raidcall chat for not just our lotro guild but other games in our guild. Its not used very frequently but there is generally at least 2 to 30 ppl in it depending on the time of day / year

    The key to our kin is a social enviornment, and there is where you will find what you seek. And because we offer it, and do encourage usage, its typically easy to tell those you play with to join up, and talk with you. Anyone can use our raidcall chat, regardless of them being in kin or not, so even if your friends dont choose to join, or are in other kins, you can still use our chat to talk.
    [RIGHT]Founder & Leader Massive Dynamics 2011 - 2013
    Founder & Leader Global Dynamics 2012 - current
    Co Founder We Eat Your Babies 2012
    Fulksayyan - Haggenrat - Harksayyan - Canthrondell[/RIGHT]



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