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    janvier 2013

    Looking to get the best out of this game!

    Looking for a kinship to join...currently level seven almost 8 lol.

    Avatar is a man, minstrel.

    Played WOW for about a month and found out about the $15 a month payment so wanted to give this a shot, big LOTR fan.
    Would like to be in a guild that wants to progress in the game and have as much fun as possible doing it, prefer a kinship that embraces no vulgarity or profanity. Thanks again.

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    août 2011
    I would encourage you to check out my alts kin, The Walking Dead. They are a very nice, friendly kinship and usually refrain from vulgarity. They are quite active nowadays and I'm sure you'd be a great addition you can send me a forum msg or in game /tell through Jonp or the current leader of the kin Evasaele.
    [Jonp - Rank 11 Hunter] [Garaluk - Rank 9 Reaver]

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    janvier 2013

    thank you.

    Thank you....i honestly am extremely new at the MMO style of game, ususally hardcore console RPG. So still trying to figure out messages and in game things. Thank you though. appreciate the feed back.

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    novembre 2010
    1 highspires st Thekksgrof
    If your still looking Massive Dynamics is always looking for new members, and new players, alot of our players started off new to the game for the first time, so there is a great balance of Experiance, and new players.

    The first thing you should do for any kin you look up, Is press O in game, select fellowing, and on the top right, you will see a filter search, Type in the name of the kin, I.e The Walking Dead and look for online non anonomous players that show up, The list that shows up after you do the filter search are all online players in that kin, that are not labled as anonomous.

    You have the Option of going to a mailbox anywhere in game, at any major starting area, or any major quest hub, and Sending a mail to any of the players.

    To send a private tell in game type /tell <name> <message> for example to send a tell to jonp it would be /tell jonp hello! and he will recive the message "hello"

    Have fun playing the game, and enjoy yourself as much as you can, We look forward to playing with you.
    [RIGHT]Founder & Leader Massive Dynamics 2011 - 2013
    Founder & Leader Global Dynamics 2012 - current
    Co Founder We Eat Your Babies 2012
    Fulksayyan - Haggenrat - Harksayyan - Canthrondell[/RIGHT]

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    novembre 2012

    Don't know if you're still looking

    So I figure you probably already joined one, but thought I'd give it a shot.
    I started playing not long ago and a lot of kinships sent me random "join our kinship" requests. Retribution was the only one where the officer took the time to actually message me, describe the kinship, ask how I was doing...basically he actually gave me the time of day.
    I originally wasn't planning on joining one at all, but after random Retribution members were willing to take the time to help me with quests and even crafted me some wonderful armor and weapons for nothing in return, I decided to give it a shot and join them.
    There are constantly quests going on and there is a lot of variety in the levels of characters and skill levels of players. It's not uncommon that there are full kinship quests going on. People are also willing to get on their alts and make something and then switch back just because you asked for it.
    Finally, no matter what time of day or night I've been online there's always a fun chat or debate going on. The only "fight" that has ever happened and the players were immediately asked to calm down or leave the kinship. It's definitely a fun, active and diverse group so if you're still looking, definitely think about it.



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