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Discussion: The game seems dead?

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    novembre 2011


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    Hello there Ive been playing for a fair while on server Elendilmir I heard it's an good Australian server because im Australian.
    trying out race/class combos and I decided to go with the basic guardian/dwarf since im to this game and this mmorgp style all together you see ive come from runescape a highly populated game to a game where no one speaking at all in any of the chat channels, nor when i directly chat to them.

    But since im new to this type of mmrogp maybe im doing something wrong?

    (I understand this game is huge in size I have seen it for myself but out of a good few hundred people no has spoken at all)
    Some servers are actualy almost dead, if you feel your servers is dead just jump in to the very busy ones like Brandywine or Snowbourne.

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    janvier 2011
    Have several characters already, coming back after a hiatus.

    Is Landroval still really active?

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    mars 2011
    The Prancing Pony, usually I'm drunk in a corner
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    It's only dead if you let it be.

    I log onto my main server and I say something stupid... Then we get into a conversation... Then raids start... Then parties start... Then kins form... Then people get married...

    My point: I'm a progressive conversation starter (Sort of) LOL.
    Glorgnorbor, A Rock And A Hard Place, Stop by our Friday music shows! 4PM EST at the Bree West Gate on Dwarrowdelf!
    If a Malledhrim Soldier dies alone in the forest because of canceled quest, will it make a sound? ~Leixy
    Took me a few years, but I renewed my signature :)


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