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Discussion: Hello.

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    septembre 2008


    Hi. I wanted to ask for a feedback about this server's pvp and how it treats solo freeps...Would love to see both sides answers! :=] Thanks in advance.

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    septembre 2010
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    Most people hate soloers cuz they don't "stick to the plan" or w/e
    Main problem we face soloing here is lack of people (especially on freepside) One side sees nothing, waits for other to come on, other does the same. Very few people just roaming the map, but occasional fun fights where you run into others alone, catch them before they reach or are reached by the raid, find a greenie 6man or w/e.

    I was on my reaver two days ago now, had trouble finding freeps away from the main group of soloing creeps.
    Really tough, the solo situation is so different depending on the day, but worst case scenario - all creeps camping gv=no fun anywhere else

    Group finding something solo usually doesn't hold back because they either
    a) dislike the person
    b) aren't sure if they are really solo with the nature of RoR

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    mars 2008
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    ./agree with thorfinn mostly

    one of the biggest things is because of open tapping/lack of leadership? freepside, there's not alot of cohesive groups/raids unless they overload on heals/lms

    either way..... MOAR freeps is good

    primarily a creep dominated server.

    as far as solo goes, depends on your gaming time. mornings (CMT) tend to be best for soloing, while around noon, the grouping/raids creep overload starts increasing. usually alot of solo/group greenies for farming, with a small group/group of experienced creeps lazing around.

    seen a lot of rez/GV camps especially of late. even when the freeps outnumber the creeps.
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    septembre 2010
    You said solo freep. I'm gonna be frank - you're probably gonna be eaten (unless you play a minstrel, burg or warden, then you can run away, I guess). There's a lot of creeps out at once, a lot of small group creeps and often enough (if freep/m gets to around 8) those turn into raids fast. And lots of GV camping (it's like the fire escape didn't exist!).

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