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    [EVENT] New Year's Eve Party on Landroval

    ( Since the In-Game Player Events forum is stuck again, I'm cross-posting this party invitation. Sorry for the English language, but I would embarrass myself terribly in any other language. Thank you in advance to any kind person who posts a translation! )

    Join us for a party at Windy Acres Ranch – 9 Chestnut Street, Raglan, Bree-land homesteads on Landroval!

    Party like it's 3018! (3019 if you're farther along in the storyline...)

    We'll start the festivities at 10:00pm /servertime (Eastern USA) and continue for as long as people are still standing. We'll celebrate throughout the night, keeping things fun for visitors from every timezone. Feel free to show up before or after your other parties. You can even show up early, if you like!

    The ranch's chests are well-stocked with ale, pipe-weed, snacks, musical instruments and fireworks.

    We have an open stage and a large dancing area indoors, so bring your bands and solo musicians. We also have side rooms decorated for roleplay. The yard has fireworks launchers and space for dancing around a bonfire. We'll launch stacks of fireworks into the night sky. Bring your party games! Hopefully we'll find time for a wild costume contest and perhaps a fun run race along the way. We'll be giving away 5th Anniversary cloaks and account-wide Perlino steeds.

    Let's ring in the new year with lights, music and dancing!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- =--

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    décembre 2013
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