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    août 2007
    Florida, USA

    Issue caused by 'VarName = class(Parameter);'

    Never mind! I'm new to this, so I was just properly updated by some folks on E that there are dependencies.

    For those of you wanting to start: Make sure you have the Class.lua and Type.lua files in your project and the __init__.lua updated with those imports listed first and second respectively.

    I have since got the plugin working!
    Hello Everyone!

    I've undertaken the task of attempting to develop a plugin. I have an older plugin I wanted to use as a base. However, I'm having issues loading the plugin in-game. The following is the error that is given to me: Online\Plugins\FalstarPlugins\ Pips\PipsWindow.lua:6: attempt to call global 'class' (a nil value)
    ...ings Online\Plugins\FalstarPlugins\ Pips\__init__.lua:1: Failed to import package "FalstarPlugins.Pips.PipsWindo w".
    ...he Rings Online\Plugins\FalstarPlugins\ Pips\Main.lua:3: Failed to import package "FalstarPlugins.Pips".
    Unable to load "Pips"

    Now, the plugin is an older plugin that I downloaded from the following site:

    and the exact line of code it seems to have an issue with is this:

    PipsWindow = class(Turbine.UI.Window);

    I've been following an online guide which shows you how to create a basic "Hello World" plugin, and I got that to work. However, the guide then goes into using functions. That's when I receive an error similar to the one posted above, referencing a line similar to the one above, also.

    Can anyone tell me what is going on here? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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