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Discussion: KAOS PUG Meeting

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    septembre 2010
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    KAOS PUG Meeting

    Thursday, November 29th @ 6:00pm PST

    If you raid with KAOS (or are interested in raiding with KAOS) and plan to continue raiding with us (especially with the instance release on the horizon), please consider attending.

    If you're unable to attend, please send an in game mail to Aktaie and we'll find a time to talk.
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    septembre 2010

    I will always be Thankful to KAOS

    To glff 'Okay I got it,........THANK YOU KAOS for being my PUG group, I have had such a wonderful time playing with you and learning sooo much from everyone. The decission has been made that I am to be removed. There is no ill feelings only sadness as this phase has had to come to an end.'I know I will play with most of you in the future and look forward to skraids, skirm and the moors with one and all.
    Chuck has been a wonderful PUG leader and has taught sooooo many of us(countless people) the basics and techniques on how to raid. The virtues and traits that need to be slotted, pots/scrolls and tokens to have on hand/ the gear that needs to be aquired, were all part of his basic training.
    I wish KAOS the best of luck as they will now close up shop as a PUG (pick up group) and become a closed KIN. I will miss Chuck and the rest of the group and wish u all the best. Happy Holidays

    Aktaie tells you, 'In order to raid, Chuck has a clear stipulation: you may not be tagged with ''XXXXXXX kin'' in any way, shape or form - be it on an alt or a main.
    My alt is in xxxxxxxkin and have enjoyed running in the moors/skraids with them. But for the rest of you, all you have to do is move your main.



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