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    Date d'inscription
    juillet 2010
    Missouri, USA

    LOTRO Academy Open House Event on Nov 23rd

    The Academy Kinship will be holding an open house event featuring a concert performance by the popular in-game LOTRO band, The Shades, who will be visiting from the Laurelin server as well the first ever performance by the LOTRO Academy house band, Academia. We want to welcome everyone to come by our kinhouse for fun, music, beer, and prizes.

    November 23, 2012
    6PM to 8PM Server Time (GMT-5)
    9 Chestnut Street
    Worgall Neighborhood
    Bree-land Homestead
    [color=cyan]Owner and Sole Proprietor of [url=]Clandestine Games[/url].[/color]
    [color=yellow]Host and Producer of [url=]LOTRO Academy[/url], a Lord of the Rings Online™ Podcast.[/color]

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    juin 2011
    Thanks to the organisers and bands for a great event!

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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    Oslo, Norway
    Thanks a lot for inviting us to Arkenstone!! we truly enjoyed!
    Ï also loved the Trivia.
    Thank you for a wellorganized event Academy!

    Achazia Songweaver
    Songwriter in The Shades. Listen to my music at Soundcloud and Radio Rivendell
    Contributor at Lotro Players
    The Shadows



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