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    janvier 2010

    searching for logon server

    Anyone else getting this error?

    P.S. I can get onto BW just fine and dandy
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    juin 2011
    server just now crashed. hopefully for good, perhaps they will have to buy a new one. fricken lag machine

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    juin 2007

    Searching for Logon Server ... AGAIN

    Is anyone else getting this error today? 23 Oct.
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    mars 2009

    Still Searching for Logon Server

    Okay there was a hotfix today. I've been trying all day since then to log on. All I get is searching for logon server 20 times, then I get a connection failed: client timed out the connection. Any help would be appreciated.

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    juin 2009
    Same thing is happening to me again today (2/13), but I can get onto Landroval just fine. Any ideas what's wrong?

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    février 2008

    Searching for Logon Server

    Both my husband and I are experiencing this problem right now. Our friends can log into Arkenstone fine but we can't. However, we can log into other worlds without a problem. Is there a solution to this?
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