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    août 2011

    Any Brits or Europeans out there?

    Just started playing again (3rd times a charm!) and I am levelling a Champion (Flamal) , a warden (Argrath) and a Captain (Dekayras).

    I hail from Kent in Britain, and while our US friends are wonderful, they are in a different timezone, meaning once I hit the right levels, instancing is going to be a bit tricky, as I am looking to crash when they are getting home from work/college etc.

    Anyone in my timezone feel free to drop me a tell and , maybe friend so we can share dramatic adventures together.


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    octobre 2010
    Hi there.

    I am from Poland (1 hour ahead from you, so pretty much the same time zone). We have in kin few european players + we know much more of them, so we can run some instances in time confortable time for us.

    Here is the link to our kin announce and official site:

    Please contact me on my main Hallont or one of my alts: Halont, Brahlin or Samozlo

    of Arkenstone

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    août 2011
    Thank you,that is really helpful. I'll send you a tell in game. Appreciated!

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    juin 2011
    Wandering in middle earth
    Im in britain too at moment, send in game message to either : Gardamir, Dunlhach.

    I'll reply as soon as possible.
    Strakvar R7 Rune-Keeper, officer Eternal Destiny
    Tambor r6 Lore-Master, officer Eternal Destiny

    Lukguz r8 Blackarrow, member of the Blood Hand

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    mai 2011
    New Zealand.
    I used to live in Dartford, but I'm in New Zealand now.

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    février 2012

    Hi there

    Hi Ya,
    Quite near you in East Sussex. Send me an ingame mail to Thalandra (84 burg) or Bothal (74 champ)
    Nice to see another Brit on here lol



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