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Discussion: Most active kin?

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    juin 2011
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    I'd suggest basing a kinship's activity not on who they are, but what they do.
    i agree, but tbh for that we have the kin recruitment area of the forum
    Flixxer - Hunter - Imladris - 100 R7 ---- Danielleth - Minstrel - Imladris - 22
    Zaireth - Rune-keeper - Imladris - 73 -- Ariannasophia - Warden - Imladris - 14
    Flixxer - Champion - Eldar - 54

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    juillet 2011
    Maryland, United States of America
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    i agree, but tbh for that we have the kin recruitment area of the forum
    Not sure if I read that entirely correct, but I'd say move this entire thread over there.

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    décembre 2009
    New Jersey
    I was not going to respond to this as I feel the thread belongs elsewhere, but however, being as it is, here is my two cents.
    IMHO, numbers mean nothing, it is the quality of the kin member that is important. Just for the record, Council of Elders, and the two Kinships we are allied with, Ancient Alliance, and Secrets of Twelve are alive and active on the Imladris Server. We recruit here on this thread two or three times a year. Peace.
    Crickhollow Kinship Directorate ~ Paladiran Kin Leader 105 Hunter, r10; Leeafe 105 Lore-master, r1, Agrro 105 Minstrel, r5, Gaarrd 105 Guardian, Valann 105 Captain, Elvwing 105 Rune-keeper, Sneakky 105 Burglar, Chaamp 105 Champion. Shifta 100 Beorning, Heeals 83 Minstrel, Siegun 85 Warden


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