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Discussion: Deed Location Maps

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    novembre 2009

    Cool Maps for Gondor region and any other zones people request

    Hi everybody! With Gondor now having been released, and since Whiteberry left the game and has not been back, the deed maps have not been updated. I am willing to work on maps for the new Gondor region as well as any other zones people may request. I do not have a lot of experience with computer-based programs to draw on things (I'm a gamer, not an artist) but I can probably use Photoshop or even basic Microsoft Paint to make some new maps. My main character is only level 82 and it'll be a while before I make it to Gondor proper. But once I get there I can start doing some new maps. Whiteberry worked exhaustively to create her maps, and I hope i can live up to the standard she set.


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    janvier 2015
    Sorry to resurrect a dead post, But I have been using the maps from and now it appears that site is down. Are they stored anywhere else?


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    février 2015
    I was also using Berry's Deed Maps regularly, and kept hoping that link would work again.
    Unfortunately it now seems to belong to a new and completely different company.
    I have been trying to find Berry's maps elsewhere, but no luck.
    Have even tried to contact the author, again no luck.

    If only I had saved them, I could have at least uploaded them to the Wiki.
    Wiki deeds are mostly coordinates without maps.
    I loved Berry's maps...sigh.

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    décembre 2012
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    Wiki deeds are mostly coordinates without maps.
    If you put your mouse over the coordinates, a map appear...

    Sergio :-)
    Moved from Riddermark to Landroval on 2/10/1015!


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