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Discussion: Possible transfer?

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    octobre 2010

    Possible transfer?


    I am looking to possibly transfer. I am looking for a Raiding Kin that raids on Friday and Saturday nights from 1am - 5am EST. Any Kins that do that?

    I have multiple 75's with at least 4/6 ToO or better.

    75 Champ 5/6 ToO
    75 Mini 4/6 ToO
    60 Burg (Should be 75 within next 2 weeks and already have seals and Meds to get most of his raid gear)

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    septembre 2010

    Re: Possible transfer?

    I see you posted on Dwarrowdelf's forums too, and as I just transferred from there to Vilya here, I'll tell you that this one is way better than Dwarrow, at least from what I knew.

    DD PvMP was quite dead, just zerg fests all day with like 10+ wargs at a time creepside and 10 burgs freepside, so almost only invisibles hunting each other. Lots of farmers there too.(All of this until I left, do not know how is it now)

    Not sure about raiding kins, I see we have a decent amount of good kins, I came from Dwarrow with a kin in mind and here I am now, but I know there is a plenty of good players and kins on the server too.
    VILYA: Capitao-1 r12 Captain | Dwalfin r6 Minstrel | Wuulff r8 Warg | Kruusher r11 Reaver | Creepitao r7 WL

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    octobre 2007
    Mckinleyville California

    I love vilya though i really have not been on others to compare..

    Vilya is a nice community with low drama and when there is. everyone just fills out there ignore list. works fine. I guess there is drama just about everywhere you go. but never the less. five years i have spent on vilya and have come in contact with alot of people being leader of one of the largest kinship on the server. I have nothing but good things to say about those around me. We have lots of kinships to choose from, just come on over /joinchannel glff and just sit back and listen, run some groups with others there and then make up your mind. My kinship is casual and friendly, though we do raid, its not our focus. we have the numbers to do it when someone wants to. your welcome to add me to your friends list. and hit me up for groups or just to see what mine are up to.. Have a great day. Hope to meet you in my travels. Briannas Dabomb..

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    juin 2011

    Yes i must agree

    As a member 2 year member of the vilya community i am proud to say it is one of the best out here. Most everyone is very nice to you when they see you. I think there are raiding groups, but there are many great kinships to raid with, all being very friendly.



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