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Discussion: Searching a Map mod

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    juin 2011

    Searching a Map mod

    Dear all,

    i am searching a map mod which allows me to resize / window the ingame map.

    Any mods known? Tried out lotromaps from here

    but cant get it to work.

    Anyone a hind?

    Thanks alot!

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    mars 2007
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    Re: Searching a Map mod

    The only in-game map plugin is MoorMap (LoTROMaps was an alpha, proof-of-concept for one map, Lothlorien) but it has a number of limitations. Lua does not expose player location information so there is no player or other party markers. MoorMap is also missing the default data for Moria and Mirkwood and does not yet have the maps for RoI (although these will be available soon). MoorMap DOES allow you to add your own annotations and works with Compendium for those looking to find NPCs or quest items.

    If all you want to do is resize the in-game map, you can probably do so with a skin rather than a plugin. There was a post rather recently on about the map skin tags. Unfortunately I don't recall exactly which post, but you should be able to find it on their forums fairly quickly - if not, post the request there, looking for a skin that resizes the in-game map.

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    juin 2011

    Re: Searching a Map mod

    Well as you said i tried the forums there, but cant find anything about that. Searching Map / skins gives not a real good result. read some post and changed trying out different ui skins, it could have happened to find one with a rezisable / windowed map, but nothing until yet

    So i started with the skin developer tool which is also provided there, unstalled all 3 software packages and openend the tool, which gives me only error messages

    I could send a gift (i.e. blueray -> amazon wishlist) for someone making me a resizable map.
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