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    juin 2011

    Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Carrying on in the grand tradition first started by Elcyion, many moons ago, a list of the great and varied kinships of Laurelin....

    Many will have arrived here from a great distance, travelling together over oceans, rivers and mountains. Others, will perhaps have formed afresh, in these new lands that we find ourselves, ready for adventure.

    So could all who wish to, post their details below.

    The list will be simple, divided into sections for single-race kinships and mixed kinships. If you have a website include it in your post so I can link to it if you want people to visit it. Each kinship in the list will also be linked to the corresponding post in the thread, so you can make your post as informative as you want.

    Dwarf-only kinships

    12 Durin's Folk
    17 Baruk Khazad
    98 Khuzd Belkul
    36 West Orosîr Trade Company

    Elf-only kinships

    88 Glawar en Calidhil
    70 Laiquendi Order
    46 Loth i Lonnath
    87 Nost en ithil
    63 The Kinn-lai
    48 Vanimar

    Hobbit-only kinships

    66 People of the Shire (part of Eldariant Alliance)
    10 The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom

    Man-only kinships

    27 Riders of the Riddermark
    15 The Eagle Guard
    28 The Rohirrim

    Dual-race kinships

    49 Leaves Of Laurelin Elves (mostly)
    59 The Out of Bounders!! Hobbits (but open to others)
    14 The Warband of Imladris Elves and Men

    Mixed kinships

    83 Adventurers of Arda
    21 Balrogs Breakfast
    31 Band of Gypsies
    37 Carne Hosse (russian speaking)
    52 Carpe Diem (finnish speaking)
    38 Cavalieri delle Ere (italian speaking)
    80 Celestial Dawn
    23 E Voronwë
    19 Hispanea (spanish speaking)
    9 I Custodi Della Fiamma di Anor (italian speaking)
    71 Iltaruskon Vartijat (finnish speaking)
    69 Ithilien Illuminated
    70 Laiquendi Order (member of the Eldariant Alliance)
    16 Lux Arcana
    7 Martillos de Númenor (spanish speaking)
    54 Merchant Adventurers
    81 Numenoreans of Fallen Empire (russian speaking)
    13 Radix Lecti
    24 Rangers of the North
    20 Reborn
    84 Riders of Mirkwood
    8 Sanctuary
    25 Shield Brothers
    47 Stars of the Mirrormere
    99 The Children Of Iluvatar
    55 The Free Company
    29 The Grey Guard
    74 The Hummerhorns
    39 The Iron Axes
    90 The Knights Of Eriador
    67 The Lost Companions
    11 The Rangers
    43 The Sentinels
    35 The Silent Minority
    34 The Silver Blades
    18 The Wardens of the White Tree
    91 The Watchers
    6 The Western Alliance
    92 Valayári (greek speaking)
    76 Warriors of Gasteiz (spanish speaking)
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    [URL=""][COLOR=#00ff00]The Silent Minority[/COLOR][/URL]- Laurelin

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Space holder
    [URL=""][COLOR=#00ff00]The Silent Minority[/COLOR][/URL]- Laurelin

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Space holder again
    [URL=""][COLOR=#00ff00]The Silent Minority[/COLOR][/URL]- Laurelin

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Should be enough
    [URL=""][COLOR=#00ff00]The Silent Minority[/COLOR][/URL]- Laurelin

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    décembre 2007

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Thank you Berath! *^_^*

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    juin 2011
    2 379

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    The Western Alliance. Mixed race.

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Thank for you iniciative Berath ^^

    Martillos de Númenor - Mixed kinship - Max Rank - Spanish (

    Para todos los jugadores hispano-hablantes que deseen participar en una comunidad activa y ansiosa de colaborar con todos sus miembros, presentamos Martillos de Númenor. Una kinship nutrida y ambiciosa, nacida de la fusión de varios clanes con abundante experiencia en el juego (muchos de ellos desde la Beta), y en la que encontrarás mucha gente dispuesta a ayudarte tanto en tus primeros pasos en el juego, como en el perfeccionamiento dentro del mismo para afrontar los más elevados retos. Englobada en la comunidad de jugadores "Academia Rebelde" con presencia en muchos juegos de rol online como STO, SWG, LoL, Champions Online...

    Máximo rango, Casa y Almacén de Kinship, Foros, DKP, Team Speak, múltiples eventos a lo largo de la semana abiertos a todos sus miembros y alianzas con otros clanes de habla hispana.

    Visita nuestros foros en
    o contáctanos in-game via tell o in-game mail a Araglad, o añadiendo el canal global español (/joinchannel esplff)

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    juillet 2008

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Plum][SIZE=4]Hithlinel
    [URL=""]Sanctuary [/URL]
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4][COLOR=LemonChiffon][EN-RP] Laurelin[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][RIGHT][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Plum][I]Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo[/I][/COLOR][/FONT][/RIGHT]

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Kinship name: I Custodi Della Fiamma di Anor
    Website: LINK

    Leader: Thorombar

    Italian medium-RP kinship devoted to End-game contents. Present since the "old" Beta Times in EU.
    We have about 70+ members, mixed races...
    Our colors are Red and Yellow...

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    Grand Order of the Lost Mathom

    The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
    A Role-playing Hobbit Kinship. [EN-RP] Laurelin (Rank 10)

    Established: 2007
    Number of players: 30+
    Kinhouse: Songburrow Hall, 4 Brookbank, Songburrow, The Shire
    Website: Grand Order of the Lost Mathom

    The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom are an active hobbit role-playing kinship. We aim to combine roleplay with a variety of events, story lines and activities whilst maintaining our commitment to exploring and questing both as a group and individually.

    Points of Contact
    We are always interested to hear from like minded people, so if you think you have what it takes do not hesitate to send us a note. You may also apply directly through our forum. We will then endeavour to meet you for a cosy chat. For the latest information and more about recruitment visit our website and forum. We also maintain an active recruitment thread here on the Laurelin Turbine Forums.

    Rowana Founder
    Jiro Leader
    Anysia Leader
    Lina Leader
    Simbo Leader

    Further Information:
    Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
    Recruitment & Applications
    About Us
    Follow Us on Twitter

    The Laurelin Archives
    The Songburrow Strollers
    Dernière modification par Lost_Mathom ; 06/06/2011 à 09h28.
    [URL=""]Rowana Fairborn[/URL] [FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="1"]FOUNDER[/SIZE][/FONT]
    [URL=""]Grand Order of the Lost Mathom[/URL][SIZE="1"] [I](A role-playing Hobbit Kinship)[/I][/SIZE]
    [URL=""]Songburrow Strollers[/URL] [SIZE="1"] [I](Band member)[/I][/SIZE]
    [I][SIZE="1"]Twitter @lostmathom[/SIZE][/I]

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    The Rangers

    Mixed race roleplaying Kinship since 2008, [EN-RP] Laurelin, Rank 10.
    Number of (active) players: 65 (capped)
    Kinhouse: Falathlorn Homesteads
    Recruitment topic:

    The Rangers are an active roleplaying kinship with (endgame) kinship questing. We aim to be the kinship where light roleplay meets questing.
    We are proud to be the home of the Horn&Banner Alliance.

    Points of contact and more information:
    More info can be found on our website, forum and event calendar at
    Due to our self-inflicted member-cap of 65 players we have limited spots available; but do not hestitate to apply by going to the Join the Rangers page of our website or approach one of our officers ingame.

    Vingi Aermir - Master of Rangers
    Garthalion - Head Ranger
    Morielen Gwilwileth - RP Officer
    Lovela - General Officer
    Bonkil Oakenbow - Questing & Raiding Officer
    Caraorn - Instance & Raiding Officer
    Steinskaldir Bloodhand - Questing & Instancing Officer

    Dernière modification par Vingilote ; 20/06/2012 à 19h25.
    I play amongst others: Waldomer, son of Freomer (CPT), Vingi Aermir (LRM)
    The Rangers, a roleplaying kinship on [EN-RP] Laurelin since 2008.

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Kinhall; 2 highspires Street, Ulfhirth Homestead
    Officer; Duinn, Hanfur, Yngald, Khlosi, Janza, Gorbihn and Norgi
    Kinship website;
    Dernière modification par Duinn ; 03/12/2011 à 19h59.

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    radix lecti

    leader rollie
    deputy leader bardori
    Rollie Whitebeard,

    [color=#00FF00]Leader of Radix Lecti[/color]

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3


    Goal :- To honour the Alliance of old between Elves and Men. The Kinship is based on Elven Lore but accepts exceptional candidates to their ranks from menkind in honour of the Alliance. (The kin is made of Elves (80%) and Men (20%) only)

    Area of Operation :- Securing the borders of Imladris and tasks as directed by the Council of Imladris. The Kinship follows the laws and rules of the Elves in Imladris.

    Background :- As the War raged and brave heroes fell to the onslaught of the enemy it seemed all, even Imladris which Men know as Rivendell, might be lost. Then in honour of the warbands that formed the stout heart and mailed fists of the Old Alliance of Elves and Men did Elladan, one of Lord Elrond's sons issue a commission. Form a great warband to honour the old Alliance of Elves and Men. Let Men know that in these darkening times they do not stand alone against the coming tide of shadow.

    Khalis, Elisbeth, and Tagos took up that commission, and thus the Warband of Imladris was formed. And now The Warband of Imladris seeks to recruit more heroes from the races of Elves and Men.

    The Warband is well established in Imladris (Rivendell) where they gather before embarking upon any task they have been given. They can often be found discussing future plans around the House of Lord Elrond or indeed enjoying the peacefulness that the Valley of Imladris offers still.

    The Warband has good ties with the other major elven kinships and they all work together as part of the elven community.

    Points of Contact:- Elisbeth (Tur), Khalis (Caun), Tagos (Caun).

    Website can be found at :-
    Laurelin Archives entry :-

    Dernière modification par Khalis_Laurelin ; 06/06/2011 à 14h35.

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    juin 2011
    Right behind you.

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Name: The Eagle Guard
    Kinship: Heavy Roleplay, Man Only

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Lux Arcana

    Are you a casual but dedicated player looking for an established multi-game, European-based MMO guild? Below are some key facts about who we are:

    Key Facts

    Division established: October 2010
    Server: Laurelin (EN RP)
    Size: 30+ active members

    Races: All races accepted
    Focus: Fellowship & raiding content, crafting, minor role-playing
    Time Zone: European (English speaking)
    Hours per week: Less important as long as you contribute/get involved!
    Ages/Outlook: 18+, mature, helpful, friendly and outgoing
    Web Site: LuxArcana
    Voicecomms: Recommended (we currently use Mumble)
    Contacts in-game: Aurie (Joint Kin Leader), Faewynn (Joint Kin Leader), Pelleas (Recruitment Officer)


    Lux Arcana is a multi-game guild that was founded as a community for European MMO players with a "casual" but "dedicated" play style. By "casual" we mean players that have other commitments in real life such as their job, family or other interests, and whose play time may be fairly random. By "dedicated" we mean players that will immerse themselves fully in each game we play and give 100% to the guild. Please visit our website for further details about our history.

    Objectives of Lux Arcana in LotRO are:

    - To foster an active member base at all adventuring levels via an event "sign-up" system on our forums. Average number of events range from 2-5 per week.
    - To gear up our members and progress through the available raiding content.
    - To maintain a strong crafting community within the kin to help out fellow members and alts.
    - To hold a role-playing kin meeting at the kinhall every 2-3 weeks to get together with fellow kinsmen/kinswomen in game.


    We Accept

    Adults (i.e. 18+) with a mature, friendly and outgoing attitude to life.

    Casual but dedicated players who like to play hard when they can! Players used to grouping, contributing and getting involved in a guild. We are NOT a guild for solo players, unsocial players, selfish players or disrespectful players. You must be a team player.

    Recruitment is currently open to players of any level.

    Highly Desirable

    Players that are creative or that have strong organisational skills. We want proactive members. Players that show a passion for the game, for helping fellow members and getting things done! In particular we need fighters, explorers, crafters and players willing to learn everything there is to know about this game.

    As a relatively new kin to the world of Middle Earth in LotRO Lux Arcana has thoroughly enjoyed the content the game has had to offer so far and we are eager to explore the high-end content just as much. Therefore players who are level 50+ are also highly desirable.

    Class Preferences

    While we strongly believe that everyone should play the class they enjoy most, to ensure that grouping and raiding events are optimal we are highly in need of:

    - Minstrels
    - Rune Keepers
    - Lore Master
    - Guardians

    However all classes are welcomed.

    With the Rise of Isengard and the advent of 24 man raids we would be very interested in any and all classes of level 75 to bolster our raiding force.

    Not Acceptable

    Immature players. Players that whine, complain and do not accept guild policy. Players with negative attitudes, who are only out for themselves and whinge over not getting "their share" of battle loot. Aggressive or anti-social players. We do not tolerate l33t speak - proper English please! Keep trash talking to an absolute minimum - in character NOT personal!

    For more information please check out our site at:
    Dernière modification par PelleasWildSabre ; 15/01/2012 à 12h06.

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Baruk Khazad
    Most know who we are and our kin site is at

    However, I know that this thread is traditional and all "but".. we may find that player maintained kin lists are not de rigeur on the Turbine forums.. and in fact when we have access to My.Lotro I understand we may be expected to create entries for our Kins in the MyLotro Wiki

    Feldsparr Steelhelm, Lord of Baruk Khazad

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Looking for a sociable, friendly, active, relaxed kinship?
    The Wardens of the White Tree are a medium sized Life rank 8 Kinship(at least i think so...) - We have at least 10 members on most evenings, more at the weekends during the day.
    We have regular social, questing and RP events, as well as deed runs every now and then. We also have quite a few level 65s now, who are all on raids, moors, and other end game content, they also help out with us lower levels should we need any help.
    We are medium RP, and treat say channels as IC, and others as OOC
    If you want to join, or have any queries then please either send one of our Provosts a /tell (Trumble, Haldlas, Korlandril or Graedan) or visit our website at
    Trumble Chimney, Provost, Wardens of the White Tree
    P.S. Please feel free to visit our Kinship house at 9 Chestnut Street, Ridgeborough, Breeland Homesteads
    Dernière modification par Trumble-Chimney ; 11/06/2011 à 15h42.
    Trumble, Leader of the [URL=""]Wardens of the White Tree[/URL], Laurelin


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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    HISPANEA (Spanish)

    NOTE: Hi, this message is destined for the Spanish players who want to play LOTRO in a Hispanic community.

    Kinship: HISPANEA (Hispanëa) @ [EN-RP] Laurelin

    Saludos compañeros hispanos de la Tierra Media, el kinship HISPANEA en el servidor RP Laurelin (Europeo) abre las puertas a todos aquellos jugadores que deseen compartir y vivir sus aventuras en este juego junto a otros jugadores hispanos con todas las comodidades típicas de un kinship ya veterano en los juegos OnLine, web, foros, DKP, servidores de TeamSpeak 2 y 3, etc....

    El kinship HISPANEA, uno de los primeros y más antiguos del LOTRO (desde la BETA del mismo) es el kinship hispano más grande del servidor Laurelin y uno de los más numerosos y activos de todo el servidor, tanto en el lado MPvP (MonsterPlay) como en los aspectos más importantes del lado PvE, eventos, raids, fellows, instancias, información y ayuda, actividad de los jugadores, colaboración, etc...

    El éxito de HISPANEA se debe al planteamiento del mismo orientado mas a una gran comunidad de jugadores, que a un clan típico de otros juegos, en nuestro kinship cada uno juega a su manera y cuando quiera, es libre de participar y colaborar en los eventos/instancias que desee, puede relacionarse con los compañeros que quiera y como quiera, en HISPANEA no existen complicadas normas u obligaciones de kinship, solo deseamos que se preserve una cosa y es simplemente que se ha de respetar a los compañeros, al igual que es el único derecho que se tiene, el ser respetado por tu compañeros, la principal función de los oficiales de HISPANEA consiste en que este derecho de cada jugador sea respetado.

    Todos son aceptados y bienvenidos a nuestro kinship HISPANEA en el servidor [RP] Laurelin (Europa) e igualmente son libres de abandonarlo cuando lo deseen sin necesidad de dar explicación alguna.

    Podéis contactar con nosotros en nuestra web o dentro del juego con cualquiera de los Oficiales del kinship para solicitar más información y/o uniros a nosotros y disfrutar del juego en buena y abundante compañía...

    Foros kinship HISPANEA @ Laurelin
    DKP / Eventos HISPANEA

    Portal LOTRO en Comunidad HISPANIA
    Comunidad HISPANIA

    Nos vemos en la Tierra Media.
    Dernière modification par Quijar_EU ; 06/06/2011 à 19h16.

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Reborn, a close-knit group of mature, active individuals with a strong focus on the end-content and conquering all the challenges this wonderful game can throw at us. The main goals of our kinship are to have fun as a group and enjoy our gaming experience with good friends, while embracing the world that Tolkien created for us.

    4-year old kinship with forums, mumble, kinhouse, weekly raids/events, sk system

    For more information, please visit our forums:

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

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    juin 2011
    TR Balcony

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Leader: Dralamir.

    Officers: Fendar, Merwen, Nadiwen, Zirakzi.

    E Voronwë ("The Steadfast").

    E Voronwë is, in short, a private online gaming community. We are a group of gaming enthusiasts who like to share the gaming experience with other like-minded people, sharing and helping each other while exploring the content of a game.

    The story of EV started in The Lord of the Rings Online MMO as a kinship (guild) of the same name back in 2007. As people moved to other games we wanted to keep in touch even if games change and so the gaming community idea was hatched.

    At the time of writing we are playing Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic and various other non-MMO games, such as Battlefield 3.

    If you'd like to contact us, please drop an email at: info at evoronwe dot org.

    Recruitment is strictly controlled to preserve the family community we have built over 4 years on Laurelin.

    For more details contact one of our officers or visit our website.

    Dernière modification par Merwenmew ; 06/04/2012 à 14h11.

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    juillet 2010

    Rangers of the North

    Leader: Gamric

    Rangers of the North is a mixed kinship aiming for causual gaming and light roleplay.
    Anyone is welcome, we are a friendly, helpful and chatty bunch of people.
    All recruitment normaly ingame, no special requirements or forms to fill out.

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    juin 2011

    Thumbs up Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3 - The Shield Brothers!




    Alamar - Miroky - Altarias

    We're a dedicated raiding kinship composed by both old time friends and relatively new members.
    We are enjoying our successes in raids, and also the rest of the game content like istances and PVMP
    and, first of all, the fun we have together.

    We have a dedicated portal (EQDKP Plus), a forum (PHPBB) and a private VoIP server (Ventrilo)
    which all help keeping us in touch when we want - almost all the time!

    Our target is to focus in having fun together while improving our performance ingame, keeping always
    a quiet and funny behiavour - We are no "serious business" Kinship but at the same time we have our
    successes in the raids.

    If you are interested in joining us keep an eye to the Laurelin Kinship Forum and our website where the
    recruitments,when opened of course, are announced - or just ask to an Officer which will guide you to
    the apply process.

    See you ingame!
    [CENTER][B][FONT=Georgia] Xanathos, the Warden [/FONT][/B]
    Master of the [url=]Shield Brothers[/url] Kinship
    in Laurelin[/center]

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    juin 2011

    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    The adventurers of arda is recruiting.
    Mixed kinship
    European time-zone

    What do we provide?
    We are a group of friendly, social, helpfull and mature players. Most of us are casual players, not die-hard raiders. Though we have regular kin-runs. These can be either the classic instances or skirmish runs. Our main goal is to have fun while playing.
    Once in a while we organise a learning skirmish, in those runs we learn new players how to act in a fellowship. Some of our older members use it to learn there class better because there is no rush or urge to complete the instance perfectly.
    We have regular kin events, both rp or casual/out of character.
    There is a lovely kinhouse, decorated with trophies collected by the kin with kinruns. We have a kinbank what is being used regular and can be get from by asking two persons.
    Members can also use our forum.

    What are we looking for?
    We welcome both old (returning) players as new players of all levels, race and classes.
    There is nothing special to be done if you like to join, expect logging in on a regular base and be active. We apreciate being socialy active, aswell as being helpfull.
    A feeling of humour is welcome aswell.

    More information can be found at our website:
    If your interested please leave either a message or contact one of our officers

    Tallia, leader (eadlywyn, Lhena, Clarrian, Rosemarian)
    Lailla, succesor (Yorth, Yormund, Maceal, Codey)
    Dernière modification par Tallia ; 15/09/2011 à 05h32.
    [url=]Adventurers of Arda [/url]
    [url=]Melindy's Notes[/url]


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