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Discussion: Wordpress Themes

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    novembre 2007
    Houston, TX USA

    Wordpress Themes

    There are all these beautiful themes available through Wordpress...and we cannot install any of them. Please consider allowing us to make our mylotro site truly unique to ourselves.
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    mai 2010

    Re: Wordpress Themes

    Actually, and unfortunatly, the version we are using of Wordpress is way behind the actual version.
    Footer is showing :
    --Thank you for creating with WordPress MU --

    and to quote what Wordpress says :

    WordPress MU is no longer a separate project; it is continuing development as part of the main WordPress branch under the name multisite or MS. This means that it will get more frequent updates and improvements.
    WordPress MU is no longer under active development as a separate product. Its features were rolled into core and released with WordPress 3.0. You can install WordPress and Create A Network instead. It functions generally the same.
    So only Turbine can decide to upgrade and would allow us - still under Turbine agreement i guess-- to use different themes.

    There is also new improve Media tools working with the actual version of Wordpress and for sur it would be way easier to create our different Gallery. (the actual version is WordPress 3.1.)

    But before all that, there is a lot to fix either on the forums and/or our Blogs.

    Please please Turbine, fix the Feed widget for the Bloggers
    Ashannae(LM85 Taylor) Laureanna(Hunter85/Sch) Annaelen(Mins/78/cook) Moranae(Mins/76/WS)



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