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    septembre 2010

    Shieldmaiden's of Rohan - RP Kin

    Now Warwinner walketh
    To weave in her turn,
    Now Swordswinger steppeth,
    Now Swiftstroke, now Storm;
    When they speed the shuttle
    How spearheads shall flash!
    Shields crash, and helmgnawer
    On harness bite hard!

    From the fields of Rohan we have been scattered, our lives upturned by violence, by strife or by wanderlust. Yet the call of our home and of our kin is strong, we warrior women of Rohan. Our shields born with pride, our blades sharp and true, yet we stand apart from the Riders of our homeland. We are the matrons of Eorlingas, protectors of that which we all hold dear.

    We have found our way to one another, though diverse in purpose, and found a kinship. Cooks, Scouts, Warriors, Lore-Masters, we may not all be seasoned warriors, yet we can all find a place among each other. Only the future will tell how our band of Shieldmaidens will fare as the dice of fate are cast...

    OOC Information

    We are a Rank 10 Kinship on the Crickhollow server themed around warrior women of Rohirric descent. While being a female character is a requirement, male players of female characters are more than welcome to join our ranks with their Rohirric gals. The kinship was founded by roleplayers, supports, nurtures and encourages roleplaying, but accepts members of every play style from the weekend warrior to the most elite.

    We portray women of Rohan displaced from their homeland for whatever reason, unconventional, strong and independant women finding kinship and camaraderie among each other to support and bolster.

    Now that the Riders of Rohan expansion has been released, we will be incorperating those themes into our daily play, as well as guild sponsored roleplaying events in the near future.

    Be a female human of Rohan descent.
    Submit an application to join.

    Please /tell Serilda or Eydowyn for more information.
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    juillet 2008
    Tennessee, US

    Re: Shieldmaiden's of Rohan - RP Kin

    Hail Maidens and Well Met!

    I wanted to express my pleasure at seeing some of you at our most recent evening Elevenses.
    It was wonderful to have you there with us, and we look forward to many more days of merrymaking.

    Until our paths cross again -

    [color="Yellow"]~~~Sadie Huckleberry -[/color][color="orange"] Cook, brewer, and accumulator of odd things.[/color][color="yellow"] ~~~[/color]
    [url=""]Second Breakfast[/url]

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    mai 2007
    The Deep South, USA

    Re: Shieldmaiden's of Rohan - RP Kin

    What a great idea for a kinship -- best of luck!
    Aorric of Rohan - Warden
    Raffin Larch - Burglar
    Hapfast Heatherly - Minstrel
    Gwyllan Croft - Hunter

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    avril 2007

    Re: Shieldmaiden's of Rohan - RP Kin

    I am incredibly please to see Shieldmaiden's of Rohan here.

    Yes yes and yes.
    [color=#4CC552]~ Koteas[/color]
    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][URL=""][B][I][COLOR="#7A5DC7"]Arise now, arise, Riders of Théoden!
    Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
    spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
    a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises![/COLOR][/I][/B][/URL][/FONT]
    [color=#FF8040]Champion - Crickhollow[/color]

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    septembre 2010

    Question Re: Shieldmaiden's of Rohan - RP Kin

    I'm having trouble finding a kinship that plays during Eastern US working hours. If you do, I'd start a new character to join you. Right now I have a human female of the Breelands and and elf female originally from Mirkwood.
    Thank you, Belua of Archet

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    octobre 2010

    Re: Shieldmaiden's of Rohan - RP Kin

    I recently started LOTRO (coming in to check out the F2P but upgrading to VIP almost immediately). I have a few characters on Landroval (which I read was the server to go to for Role Playing) but realized that it was rather crowded for my tastes. I found it frustrating to have to practically line up to slay 8 wolves north of Waymeet, or have some heavy rowan branches stolen from me while I defend myself from some bear. So I started looking for a less crowded server and was told that I should try Crickhollow.

    I have a Rohirric Guardian named Rhosyn (Old Welsh for Rose) daughter of Dwynwyn that I just created before logging out. As soon as I can get out of Tutorial-Land and find a mailbox, I'll shoot a letter to Kolfinna or Broifinn.

    Oh yeah, I already have a bio for her. I love doing bios for characters in MMOs. It is usually planned out even before the character is created.
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    septembre 2009
    Southern California

    Re: Shieldmaiden's of Rohan - RP Kin

    Bump! We need more Shieldmaidens!

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    septembre 2010

    Re: Shieldmaiden's of Rohan - RP Kin

    A bump to the front page!

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    novembre 2010

    Re: Shieldmaiden's of Rohan - RP Kin

    A few questions:

    What time zone do most of your members play in?
    How often are your events (if any)?
    Are you tolerant of adult players who are occasional weekend warriors?
    How do you feel about a complete LOTRO neophyte?

    Much appreciation in advance for the response!

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    septembre 2010

    We're back!

    The Shieldmaidens are back, and we're recruiting again! Our website is still under construction, but you can visit us at



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