Just opening for trade in Dwarrowdelf.

I will build to order any of the below weapons. Delivery is in person by the town crier in Bree at no cost to you. If you wish the item to be mailed to you this will incur a delivery charge of 75 copper. If you are interested in an item please PM in forums or send a letter in game. Time to completion varies, but you will be given an estimate upon ordering. I reserve the right to decline requests due to volume. See below for purple items.

--Level 7 or higher--
- Rowan Bow 8 silver
- Rowan Crossbow 10 silver
- Rowan Hammer 8 silver
- Rowan Spear 8 silver
- Rowan Club 8 silver
- Rowan Great Club 10 silver

--Level 14 or higher--
Items for 12 Silver - Items for 15 Silver
- Ash Bow - Stout Ash Bow
- Ash Crossbow - Stout Ash Crossbow
- Ash Hammer - Stout Ash Hammer
- Ash Spear - Stout Ash Spear
- Ash Club - Stout Ash Club
- Ash Great Club - Stout Ash Great Club

Purple weapons will be posted when I have inventory. Requests can be made for them as I keep a waiting list.
- Purple Rowan weapon 20 silver
- Purple Ash weapon 30 silver
- Purple Stout Ash weapon 45 silver

I make light and medium leathers for use by tailors. I am willing to accept a leather for armor trade - I will purchase the necessary ingredients.
- Light Leather 40 copper for bundle of 5 or 15 copper a piece
- Medium Leather 2 silver a bundle of 5 or 60 copper a peice

Prices subject to change at any time. Check back for new items and sales. Purple item inventory is accurate at time of posting but may not reflect current in game inventory.