One thing to keep in mind is that Turbine has a ripcord feature for the plugin system.

I can't find an exact quote, but I do believe I saw somewhere that they can disable individual parts of the plugin system if they find there is a problem.

What does this mean? Well, IF they give us access to some aspect of the game that allows folks to trivialize content, they can disable that system very easily, and those plugins would no longer work.

Now, I have no idea if the following would work, but maybe that have a way to disable parts of the plugin system when you are in an instance? That would be great if they did cause they could then allow things like DPS meters (which I am not fond of) to work in the normal landscape, but not during raids.

This would allow folks to try different things to find the best DPS rotation for themselves, but not when in a raid. Maybe we could get a dev response if this is possible.