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    octobre 2007

    Expansion and/or additional content

    Anybody have any word on any type of expansion and/or additional content? Ark seems to be really, really slow as of late. Would like to see something like another Moria come out to pick up the activity on the server.

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    mai 2007
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    Re: Expansion and/or additional content

    No official word on anything (aka: don't expect anything too major anytime soon).

    I'd guess nothing real substantial until Fall/Winter if history serves...

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    novembre 2008
    Cardiff, Wales
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    Re: Expansion and/or additional content

    I expect we'll be hearing something around the Anniversary. Seems like it would be a time to release news or something.
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    décembre 2007

    Re: Expansion and/or additional content

    Yes.. So level your alts... Got 4 of mine up to 55 now.



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