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  1. #301
    Date d'inscription
    octobre 2013
    Bihac, Bosnia Herz.
    Guild name -Breavehearts of Eriador

    Server - Laurelin

    Kinship for those using f2p model of game
    Dernière modification par Lamaros ; 26/01/2014 à 09h15.
    Elvedion - Guardian // Laurelin ( RP )

  2. #302
    Date d'inscription
    avril 2007
    Tucson, Arizona
    Citation Envoyé par Sapience Voir le message
    Not all who wander are lost.....

    They just wandered

    Let me know once you've updated your OP and I'll wipe this list to keep the thread clean

    GLADDEN - Disciples of the Hammer - - Kinship Leader is Clocknock

  3. #303
    Date d'inscription
    juillet 2012
    Fremen of Arrakis- Riddermark Server- No website, dont see why it is such a need
    Sabian- Hunter85
    All warfare is based on deception

  4. #304
    Date d'inscription
    août 2013
    Heart of the Dunedain on Arkenstone.

    Fresh, active kin with consistent players who are all willing to help out - we have a whole range of players from level 10-20 right up to level-cap. Only requirements are that you must be 16+ as we want to maintain our friendly, mature environment. Open to all aspects of the game incl. RP/crafting/raids and we have a lot of kinnights, which have turned out to be pretty fun and a break from the level grind.

    Visit the website: and if interested/want to know more just send a PM or /tell Doronthanir, /tell Lithlas or /tell Nellillos ingame, or send a mail ingame.
    Dernière modification par randythrandy ; 25/03/2014 à 13h42.

  5. #305
    Date d'inscription
    mars 2009
    Ilsik Haucil on Gladden

  6. #306
    Date d'inscription
    août 2011
    Hi, "Massive Dynamics" in Dwarrowdelf server.
    We are a long established kinship with players from a lot of countries all over the world.
    Our website is at
    Thanks guys

    -Sobrepingocce, successor of MD


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