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    Exclamation Common Technical Issues - (Updated 11/03/2011)

    - Common Technical Issues -

    Current index of this thread:

    1. "Common Technical Issues" - (This article)
    2. "Common Patching Issues" - Quick Jump
    3. "Game Error 201" - Quick Jump
    4. "The Underlying Connection Closed" - Quick Jump
    5. "Character Select "blacked" out (cannot choose class/race options)" - Quick Jump
    6. Help with installing/reinstalling - Quick Jump

    - “I cannot connect to the game or the game launcher cannot connect.”

    SYMPTOMS: The game launcher gets stuck at “Installing Pre-requisites” “Attempting to connect Retry in X seconds”, or otherwise cannot launch when you are attempting to log in and select your world server.

    SOLUTION: Perform the steps as outlined here.

    - "The game client cannot connect, or the game does not load"

    SYMPTOMS: As you select a world server and click "Play" (or later "Enter Middle-Earth) and the game client (the '3d' game rendering program basically) either stops at "Connecting to Login Servers Attempt 1 of 20" or "Retrieving Character Data" or after when you get to the character select and receive a black screen with the error message "Connection to the server has been lost" or can only log into either one specific world, or only specific characters (Note: this specific connection issue also includes losing connection with characters during play).

    SOLUTION: Most often this is either something preventing the game client program "Lotroclient.exe" from either accessing the internet outbound, or accepting inbound connections (from the server) or from using the ports/protocols it needs to be able to connect. Perform the steps outlined here as well as here and the knowledge base article here.

    - “I am using a router and I cannot connect” or “I cannot connect to some characters/world servers”

    SYMPTOMS: When you connect and you’re using a router you get “Connection to the server was lost” messages launching the game and on occasion connecting to a specific character or characters only.

    SOLUTION: Start by power cycling your modem/router (turn them off, wait about 30 seconds and then turn them back on) if you are still unable to connect and you are using a router and a modem you might want to try bypassing the router and connecting your PC directly to your internet providers modem which can help to eliminate if the router is the cause of the connection loss. If you find that indeed the router is the cause, then you may need to configure port forwarding on your router. Find the exact make and model of your router (it’s usually printed on a sticker somewhere on the router) and contact your router manufacturer to determine the steps needed for setting up port forwarding on that model router. The port (ranges) that need to be forwarded for Lotro are 9000 to 9100 (UDP/TCP) and 2900 to 2910 (UDP/TCP).

    If you only connect with a modem provided by your internet service provider, then it is most likely a 'two in one' device and has built-in router functionality, the above still applies since most broadband modems also function as routers. Be sure to also review the knowledge base article here.

    - “When I launch the game after I choose which world server I want to log into I get a ‘black screen’ and the game never opens?” (Note: If you are getting a 'black screen' at character select but items like the menus and buttons still appear then see this section here instead).

    SYMPTOMS: You login at the game launcher, choose your world server and the game launches but stays at a black screen and never opens.

    SOLUTION: This issue has a few causes, the most common are usually one of the items listed below:
    1. Your firewall is blocking the game file “lotroclient.exe” file from connecting to the internet. For steps detailing updating or configuring your firewall click here. In some cases your firewall is asking you if you want to let “lotroclient.exe” to connect to the internet, try pressing “Alt Enter” to widow the game and see if there is just such a prompt hidden by the game screen.
    2. Your sound or video drivers are not updated and the game is having difficulty configuring it’s settings. Make sure that you have the most recent drivers available installed for your sound and video cards.
    3. The game is attempting to set a screen resolution that is not compatible with your monitor or is not supported by your graphics card. On the launcher screen click the first button in the row in the upper right corner (the one with the single down-arrow on it) and choose “Options”. In there under the “Repair” tab click to activate the “Reset game display settings” option, click Ok and login again to test. (Occasionally you may need to manually set the full screen resolution by editing the line “Resolution=” in the [Display] section of “Userpreferences.ini” file in your “My Documents” (XP) or “Documents” (Vista) > “The Lord of the Rings Online” folder. When doing this set it to match your current screen resolution in Windows)
    4. Occasionally a USB device or driver is not responding correctly, or is corrupted. If you have any USB devices attached to the system try uninstalling and reinstalling them and their related drivers/software. (This happens also with some models of “Wacom” graphics tablets, Logitech G15 keyboards and Saitek keyboards installed disabling/disconnecting them and reconnecting and reinstalling them will typically allow the game to launch in most cases.)
    5. Check in the (Windows "Start" button > Control Panel") "Add or Remove Programs" (XP) or "Uninstall a Program" list for "OpenAL" or "HostADI (OpenAL)" and if you find one listed uninstall it. Once you do that then try the steps here.

    - “I installed the game onto Vista or Windows 7 but I can't find an icon to launch it with?”

    SYMPTOMS: You installed the game but there is not a "desktop shortcut" to launch the game with.

    SOLUTION: Review the knowledge base article detailing launching the game on Vista/7 by clicking here.

    - “Why does my game need to update 30000+ files?”

    SYMPTOMS: You installed the game and it is updating a significantly high number of its files.

    SOLUTION: If you installed from the original "Shadows of Angmar" DVD's is when this comes up. Those DVD's we're released in 2007 and need quite a significant amount of patching to become current. A faster option depending on your internet connection speed and whether or not your ISP limits your download amount per month, is to download the updated install from here. It is a fairly large initial download (+/- 12gb for the hi-res install) but its pre-updated so needs alot less patching than an SoA install does.

    - "I'm getting the error 'An error occurred while installing Microsoft Visual DirectX 9.0c Redistributable' or 'An error occurred while installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable' at the launcher"

    SYMPTOMS: You installed the game and while it is patching you receive one of the errors above regarding the installation of "DirectX 9" or "Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable".

    SOLUTION: These can come up typically with installations from the original "Shadows of Angmar" install DVD's on Windows Vista. The steps here (dx9) or here (C++) should remedy the error. (Also if the error is regarding the .Net 2.0 installation those steps can also remedy that error as well)

    - "I re-installed the game but it's asking me for my "Product Key" again but if I submit it it says it's in use?"
    or "I'm re-installing and it asks me to create a Turbine account but I already did this?"

    SYMPTOMS: You reinstalled the game but when you re-submit the product key at the myaccount page it comes up as "in use".

    SOLUTION: When you are re-installing the game you do not need to submit your product key again to install it (that prompt is there for when you're first installing the game but have not created an account/subscription yet). The product keys are one-time use items, and you can skip over that part asking for it and the install will proceed normally, as long as your account has an active subscription you can log into the game from any PC that has the game installed.

    "There was an error generating a hash code for a patch file"
    "Game Error [105]"

    Where can I download the game for installing/re-installing? - Here
    Do you have a guide for installing it? - Here
    Do you have a recommended method for re-installing it? - Here

    - “None of these listed is my issue, or the answer given didn’t fix it for me, now what do I do?”

    There are several options in this case, if your issue is not detailed here, search for it (or the error number) on the forums, it’s quite possible that it’s been posted here and someone has posted a fix or a workaround to it. Check the Knowledge Base for your issue as well, the KB is a good resource for many commonly asked questions and other issues that come up with the game.

    Still unable to find a solution? Technical Support is only a click away. Detail your issue as much as you can when contacting them and they will be able to help out.

    Dernière modification par Mirthgar ; 19/01/2016 à 12h58. Motif: added some info and links, fixed some info, redid color scheme
    -Helpful Turbine Support Links-

    : The
    Customer Support forums are best for player-to-player help, for direct official support, please submit a help request via the form here.

    After submitting that ticket be sure to log in to your email providers website directly. Check spam/bulk mail folders and add; and to their "safe senders" list and your contacts list/address book as well. All tickets receive a reply but some responses get flagged as such and your email may not tell you it did so.



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