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Discussion: Captain Resources

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    Re: Captain Resources

    Captain Build Spreadsheet:
    Updated for RoR, U10 now

    Here is the link:

    I check in every so often to make sure someone didn't **** up the formulas and stuff. Now I've implemented protected ranges so that should no longer be a problem. I can't get the protected ranges to work on the summary pages, Captain1 and Captain2, though. But you don't need to edit anything there anyway, it's just a summary page for the Calculations1 and Calculations2 sheets.

    I opened it to editing, so feel free to mess around and play with your builds. If you have more item data to add, go ahead and add it (I am lacking the non-crit lvl 85 crafted gear, for instance).

    Here is the link to the OP, with some instructions on use and purpose of the spreadsheet:
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    Rechart, Warden
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    Riders of Rohan (posted right before release, subject to change)

    * Dev Diary

    * PvE sets (picture by Derim, scroll down to cappy set)

    * PvP sets (pictures by Lunasa?) and here

    * New banners (pictures by jayspeed)

    * Herald armor values posted by Nakiami

    * ROR relics.

    * Mounted Combat Skills ( Posted by Nardian)

    Helmsdeep (updating at my leisure)

    * Dps build ( Posted by enginekid88 )

    * A look at critical strike Mechanics and how to get the most out of your critical hits ( Posted by Elrantiri )

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    So it occurs to me that this thread is hugely outdated.


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