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Thread: Housing FAQ

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    Housing FAQ

    How much do houses cost?
    Prices vary, but are in this general range:
    Standard (Tier 1): 1g, 50s upkeep
    Deluxe (Tier 2): 7g, 150s upkeep
    Kin (Tier 3): 15-17g, 300s upkeep
    See: http://forums.lotro.com/showpost.php...5&postcount=37

    How much do storage containers cost?
    Container 1: 100s
    Container 2: 500s
    Container 3: 2.500g

    How much space does each container have?
    30 slots.

    How many storage containers can I put in my house?
    1 container per tier of house.

    Can you have more than 1 house on a server?

    Can a kinship leader purchase a personal house in addition to a kinship hall?

    Where are the housing zones located?
    Hobbit: Southfarthing, south of Michael Delving
    Dwarf: West part of Dwarf starting area
    Man: South of Midgewater Swamp
    Elf: East of Duillond (Flash Map)
    See http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=93693

    Where are the housing brokers located?
    Housing Brokers are available near the entrance to each neighborhood.

    What happens if I don't pay the upkeep?
    Your house vanishes and the items that were inside can be retrieved from Escrow.

    Can you rotate decorations?

    When do new housing zones open?
    A new housing zone opens when the current zone sells out. In my opinion this is a bug: new zones should open when all houses of a particular tier are purchased.

    Can you upgrade a house?

    Can your alts use "return to house"?

    Can you put workbenches or a forge in your house? Or vendors?
    No. My thoughts on this are mixed. On one hand, it would be very convenient. On the other hand, it may make places like Thorin's hall extremely desolate.

    What level do you have to be to purchase a house?
    Level 15.

    What permissions are there on houses?
    There are 5 permissions that can be assigned on a individual, kinship, or everyone basis:
    - Visitor: Enter/exit house
    - Housing Chests: Put items into or take items from a container
    - Upkeep: Can pay upkeep
    - Decorate: Ability to decorate the house
    - Manage Permissions: Ability to change permissions

    Can I pay upkeep in advance?
    Yes. Up to six weeks.

    What happens if you abandon a house?
    It will put all of your items from the house in an escrow account that you have to access within 6 days to retrieve the items. It also returns all monies you have paid into the escrow account for maintenance fees. It does not, however, return any of the money that you paid for the house. (Yugi) There is also a 24 hour cooldown before you can purchase another house.

    Are neighborhoods racially restricted?
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