A ban is only placed on an account once a significant amount of research and verification regarding a violation has taken place. As such, the decision regarding a ban (temporary or permanent) is final. However, should a player feel they have information regarding a ban that may prompt an appeal, that information should be included in the incident which contained the details of the account ban.

This is not TRUE if your a returning vetran checking out the new features don't bother, the GM's now just ban your account without following procedures if you ignore one of their annoying friends. There is no email to call for an appeal cause there was no rightful cause and they would lose there GM ablities if the players could reach the Tech support to log a complaint but since no Email is sent your screwed and the GM and his annoyance friends walk away no foul.

Well good luck Turbine enjoy your blown game with your GM's playing favorites.
I post this in a better forum but I will not pay for bogus GM's.