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    Cool MMO Player Feedback

    I have to admit, this is one of the better MMO's I have ever played. Two games which I have spent countless hours playing were EVE Online, and World of Warcraft. However, I am a huge Lord of The Rings fan and thought I would give the game a shot. Initially, players from the previous games mentioned LOTRO was a failure of an MMO. However, I believe it is not a failure, but a different game-play entirely. You follow a storyline unlike any other, and literally become a part of the story. Something I also find very admirable is the player housing system. Many MMO's have critically denied adding player housing saying something along the lines of..."It has no use in the game." I have to admit player housing is not a main aspect, but meeting with friends in-game at a personal home is quite rewarding.
    The only thing which really turns many away I believe is the in-game item mall. Personally, I would rather pay just a monthly fee and have everything available rather than paying money to have a little bit more of an "edge," or "cooler look." However I will happily support Lord of The Rings Online and continue to play till my heart gives out.

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    great to have you here ingame, the game can give really rewarding moments... the housing i do like, though i have to admit i only use it as storage...
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    Welcome to our world. Middle Earth is a very special place, not appreciated by everyone. Some "traditional" MMO players find it not to their taste, but if you find it suits you, then that is excellent.

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    We are finally getting some housing improvements this year, so there's that. As for Cash shop, let's face the truth: it's the new status quo for big game MMOs, just like paid DLCs are now the norm for big single-player games. Most MMOs I know of either turned straight F2P or added cash shop within last few years: LOTRO, SWTOR, StarTrekOnline, DDO, DCUO, Rift - you name it. And last I heard Blizzard is about to add a proper Cash shop to WOW as well (they used to sell unique mounts and stuff for years now, but through web services and not game shop). It's a given with no way back now.

    Frankly, LOTRO Store is nowhere near as bad as in other 2 MMOs I played seriously. It's mostly cosmetic fluff or really minor boosts, nothing game-changing. VIPs get their monthly allowance of TP and everyone can earn them in game, meaning that every item you want you can technically get free. Many of those items can be easily acquired in game as well. Not to mention that many people I know play for months on end without the need or urge to check it.

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    As far as the store goes:
    Turbine doesn't seem to be quite as bad with DDO. The recently added "daily dice" which are pretty much the same as hobbit presents. They don't have anything like locked boxes, which I called the "LOTRO casino" before they got the hobbit presents. The community howls every time Turbine tries to add raid loot (typically tomes) to the store. When I got here Turbine was announcing removing of thousands of items from the store. I couldn't imagine even hundreds of items in the store, let alone extraneous ones.

    Neverwinter, on the other hand, looks like a moneygame disaster. The took the casino style lootboxes from LOTRO, made sure keys never dropped, then made sure that a server-wide announcement blasts the name of the winner every time somebody hits the jackpot. Somebody took good notes in Vegas, I'm sure. I didn't stay long, but I was certain I could never figure out how much I would ever need to budget to keep playing that game. I've always been able to know what I'd need to pay (less not always knowing how much I needed each thing) with Turbine's games.

    I've heard that Rift isn't so bad, yet. My guess is that they will wait until they have a good population hooked and then reel them in. My only real hope is that with Zygna losing money, the pointy-haired types who keep inflicting these traps into good games will slowly give up and go back to selling good games. I miss the DDO of 2009-2011.



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