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    Re: Reputation Crafting List

    Just so you know, my scholar is level 30 and the Rivendell crafting rep quests are still not available. This guide lists them as available at level 28.

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    Question Re: Reputation Crafting List

    Does anyone know what level is required to receive the recipes for Study of the Unknown and Of Mysteries Most Profound? I have received Scholar's writ already and I am level 39 however the quests from Cachunir are not available yet.

    Note: After book 14 went live, all of the elven scholar reputation recipes were made available as purchasable items from Cachunir .
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    Re: Reputation Crafting List

    Awesome post, and my thanks for keeping it updated too. There is one small detail you have overlooked about Elf Reputation recipes...The tier 5 recipe quests are quest level 47 (i believe) making them unavailable before character level 40, no matter what elf rep level you have reached. If you level craft faster than you level character, you will learn this for yourself. Thanks for all the good work!

    Reading the posts above, I see that the hobbit rep might also have a different level requirement for the tier 5 intro quest. some person interested in accuracy could research the rep quest levels....sigh...If you want something done right, lol!
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    Re: Reputation Crafting List

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Qihao View Post
    all this rep stuff seems like an afterthought to me...

    Uh, yep, the reputation system was added to the game after release to provide "high end content" to keep people playing with long term goals which took weeks and months to complete (adding billable months). Isn't capitalism cool? I also agree that except for the collectible sets of items, the rep rewards aren't worth the candle. But play because you love the game, not because you want to get something "concrete" for your time and hard earned (or ill-gotten) money.
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    Re: Reputation Crafting List

    After Hours (!) of extensive research from the musty halls of the LOTRO Lorebook, the following appear to be the CHARACTER LEVEL requirements (in addition to the rep level) to obtain the introductory quest (and get the recipe to drop from the NPC) to craft the various reputation crafting items:

    The lorebook says these numbers are the “minimum level” of the quest, which I’m guessing means “minimum character level,” since that seems to match with my recollection of the ones I’ve managed to do so far…

    These are all the same level…

    Bree: Figurine 35
    Viol 35
    Spear 35

    Thorin: Jewel 39
    Necklace 39
    Ring 39

    Hobbit: Wine 29
    Beef 29
    Chicken 29

    Here’s where they get all different…

    Ranger: Sash 32
    Cloak 38
    Tapestry 42

    Elf: Writ 34
    Studies 42
    Mysteries 42

    Council: C. Vigil. 38
    C. Valour 42
    Iron H. 42

    Warden: Dagger 29
    Blade 42
    Sceptre 42

    Forochel:Spearhead 39
    Luisitin 39
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    LOL the joke's on me!

    After Book 14 went live ALL the reputation crafting recipes are available to buy from the NPC's who give the reputation crafting quests. (So much for all my research.) You may even purchase the recipe for stuff you don't have the crafting level to make (but you can't "learn" the recipe). You do have to have the rep to get TO the vendor (Elf, Dwarf) but don't have to be any particular rep to access the NPC's store. You can even use the recipe (if you have the crafting level) and learn the recipe and make the rep crafting items, even if you haven't done the quest for that item yet. My level 37 GM scholar made a stack of 50 "Mysteries" which eventually will be worth 35k rep points! (I been saving up.)

    Here's the catch: You cannot barter the crafted items for reputation points, I guess until you have reached the appropriate character level and done the intoductory quest. You get the error message, "You have not done the prerequisites to barter this item." (or words to that effect). So you are just going to have to store the crafted rep items until you have reached the levels I described in the above post and do the quest. Good news: The crafted items take up considerably less space in your bank than the components to make them.
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    Unhappy Re: Reputation Crafting List

    OK first of all, great summary of the recipes.

    However, I am having a problem with Metalsmith recipes for rep with Council of the North.

    My GM metalsmith went to Gath Forthnir when allowed to and bought all the rep recipes. I then crafted all three items in the correct quantities for what I guessed would be required for intro quests. Hroar only accepted the Crests of Vigilance.

    I asked on Advice channel and was told I was required to be level 49 (I found this strange as this would suggest the rep intro quest was 55 level! but I hadn't found this thread at that time). When I was level 49, I tried again and got a message saying that I hadn't fulfilled the prerequisite conditions. Hroar has no quests for me despite the Lorebook being clear that he is the quest giver. What other prerequisites are there? If there are some, can someone add them to the initial post so that others don't pursue impossible rep please?

    TIA for advice.
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    Re: Reputation Crafting List

    Any plan on a Moria update ?
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    Re: Reputation Crafting List

    In case no one else has posted this, it looks like the crafting level for cooks (Mathom Society) has changed...at level 28 I'm not able to pick up the crafting quest. The quest-giver (Baldwin Foxtail) has a silver quest ring over his head.

    I've been working to get to level 28 on my cook so I can get the Bombadil music...I thought tonight was the night! Oh well, patience...

    Teach me to number my days.

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    Re: Reputation Crafting List

    Are the Rep items bind on acquire? Or could I buy the items from another player?

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    Angry Re : Re: Reputation Crafting List

    Quote Originally Posted by JeanCarlo View Post
    Devs had to bug the jewel to be not repeatable, pending a Fix. I think it's because it was giving XP after the first turn in.
    Bah, you're kidding me! I just used a bunch of platinum to make lots of these only to find there's no way to turn them in? If they're going to stop accepting them they should disable the recipe as well.


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