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    Help on class crafting choice please

    Hi , I have a mid level Warden and have just deceided to start a Hunter as a secondary , possibly main , my Warden is an artisan explorer and am looking for a good vocation to complement this or possibly re-train.

    I tend to solo most of the time and maybe be looking at a third character in the future. Probably wouldn't do more than three main type toons as I dont play as much as I need and dont as much as I should

    I am not looking for a raiding end game , but more of a sustainable bunch of toons I can use to complement each other. I will probably will venture to the moors with one of the toons, but I also like creep side too.

    Hope you can advise me on what vocations would suit me please. Many thanks in advance.


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    Re: Help on class crafting choice please


    I have several crafting alts, and I vote for Tinker. Here's why:

    1. Yes, a Tinker has a prospector which you have as an Explorer. Just don't level the 2nd prospector. Have your Warden gather mats for your jeweller. The only vocation which has no overlap with the Explorer is the Historian.

    2. The Tinker gives you both a cook and a jeweller. I have found both of those professions to be extremely valuable. All classes need food and jewelry. Also, you can make some nice coin selling jewelry on the AH. Note - join the guild for the jeweller.

    3. The tier 6 and tier 7 recipes are rep gated. That means you need to decide which of your alts will go into the upper levels because that is the only way to get the best recipes.

    4. Last, if you go with Tinker - find a friend who is a farmer. Otherwise make your 3rd toon the Historian (that's what I did) so you can grow your own food for your cook. But goodness farming is slow and boring.

    Just my 2 cents.



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