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    Brandywine - In-game Help for New Players

    Hello Brandywine!

    During Closed Beta I created an In-Game Help List that allowed new beta testers to find veteran beta testers that could answer questions they may have had while playing the game. It worked very well, and many testers found it very useful. At launch I created a new help thread for each server, and I am happy to say that new players are still finding them useful.

    Character names are followed by class, for those of you who may want class specific help. If the character's class is followed by an asterisk, that character is Level 50. New players should add chosen characters to their Friends list in-game, and send a tell to an online character when they have a question.

    VETERAN PLAYERS: Please post here, if you want to help. I do my level best to keep these threads updated, but I have multiple (12) threads to deal with now, so PMing me makes a lot of extra work. Please include character class when posting.

    NEW PLAYERS: Following is a list of veteran players who will be willing to offer advice and answer questions in-game. They are not there to group with you and help you complete quests. They may offer to help you in this way, but that's not why they are listed here, so please don't ask them.

    Forum ID - (Character Names)

    Amodum - (Odumaran-Hunter*, Amodum-Guardian*)

    Angelique - (Mairiel-Minstrel*, Candita-Burglar, Mewsette-Hunter)

    burnin - (Burnie-Minstrel*)

    Cyconia - (Tusoa-Burglar, Haigan-Guardian)

    derangedmuppet - (Serna - Loremaster*, Erlon - Hunter*)

    elosefast - (Halgo-Champion*, Tarkwyn-Hunter)

    elven156 - (Amdel-Hunter*, Ehesirh-Lore-master, Amdal-Guardian, [Zrul, Urz - Monster Players])

    Emilias - (Emilias-Minstrel*, Rosewenn-Guardian)

    fly351 - (Halgo-Champion*, Hiding-Burglar*)

    GOTHIC - (Gothic-Minstrel*, Cigs-Burglar)

    Henay - (Henay-Champion*, Lorraine-Burglar*)

    highlandgirl - (Brookethorne-Guardian*, Britton-Hunter*)

    Hobbler - (Hammbertha-Guardian*, Hammbert-Hunter**, Bubbahotep-Lore-master*, Baldoeric-Burglar*)

    joepfeifer - (Lothair-Champion*, Thirran-Burglar*)

    Koala - (Junellyn-Minstrel*, June-Minstrel, Junell-Minstrel)

    KPIT - (Meic-Champion*, Meix-Hunter*)

    LadyDemelza - (Viviandria-Hunter)

    Larce - (Larce-Captain*, Larceroy-Lore-master)

    Livejazz - (Finmaril-Minstrel)

    Lodan - (Lodan-Guardian*, Melodanil-Minstrel*)

    Neilix - (Neilix-Minstrel*)

    Rashma - (Rashma-Champion**)

    Reiffen - (Reiffen-Burglar*, [Silesa, Sintilus - Monster Players])

    spikycentaur - (Spikyc-Champion*, Ilear-Mistrel, Jezibezeal-Lore-master)

    Thrainith - (Thrainith-Guardian)

    Ualtar - (Waldemar-Captain*, Mathurin-Minstrel)

    verb09 - (Reiner-Champion*)

    Whitemadness - (Sailorjay-BUR*, Whitemadness-CHN*)

    Winterfell - (Winterfell-Minstrel*)

    WritelySo - (Hirawyn-Captain*, Drir-Guardian*, Fyathas-Hunter, Hira-Burglar, Hirawen-Lore-master)

    wshdrvvn - (Anglo-Burglar*, Habikuk-Champion, Thurinir-Guardian)
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