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    So Egg did not listen when we told her yellow needed work....

    I am not sure how much people have played with the yellow spec, but it is currently a pale image of what it used to be. We have lost significant amounts of our debuffing potential, our 7% aoe miss chance, a significant amount of ranged debuffing (Yes i know you get it from fire + lightning, but you have limited uptime of this debuff, which used to be 100%) and further reductions to tactical damage debuffs. I want my old yellow line back, with 8 target Storm lore, 8 target herb lore, 10 target baneflare. So this here is for those of us who knew the trait line was borked, who said it was borked and who were blantantly ignored, we deserve better. How many times did we cry out, and all that happened was some nerfs to blue (which admittedly was needed). So give us back our debuffs!

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    Personally I would love if the legacy "Signs of Power Duration" would work on all Sign of Power skills, especially Sign of Power: Righteousness. Would be a good start, legacy and the skill is still in the game and used to work great in combination.

    There also seems to be some rather odd choices still in Ancient Master. I see my self wearing out a lot of tab keys on keyboards when trying to do debuffs like old.
    But I want to do some proper testing in good 'ol raids like BG and ToO before discarding the yellow line completely.
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    I’m hesitant to touch my lore master now. On the one hand, the MoNF looks interesting and fun. On the other, I’ve always been a support lore master. Very rarely does my lore master do anything solo. She’s always in a group. When HD came out, I thought I would be a default AM lore master. But the way things are right now, an AM lore master is horribly watered down version of what an lm used to be able to do.

    I understand that the devs wanted to have distinct differences in the trees and so we can’t be strong debuffers and strong DPSers at the same time. I even came accept that. That’s why I thought I’d be a yellow tree lm but nope. Might as well go MoNF and be that person who doesn’t change roles to accommodate or support his/her fellowship in any other way but DPS.

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    Yes, many of us are unhappy about the state of the yellow line. Personally, I think that what needs most work is the capstone skill "The Ancient Master" and the last set bonus "Force of will". However, I would like to point out that it really isn't fair to compare the numbers we got on our debuffs in yellow line before to our numbers now. This is because now the yellow line is a support line, which involves not only debuffs and cc (as it did before), but also healing. This was, in my opinion, a good change; we now have a support line (yellow) and the blue line is free to be completely pet-centric. This doesn't mean I believe yellow to be fine as it is, I just think one should take into consideration the trade-off that is happening: we lost in debuffs but gained in heals.

    Also, regarding some potential bugs I believe to have found in the yellow line, see my latest post in this thread https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...e-class-is-now



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