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    My lute sounds like I am playing it by the bridge.....

    .....and not by the sound hole, like before the latest update.

    Is there software I can use to change a downloaded ABC file
    from the new "toy lute" sound to the older, more mellow sound?
    (For solo playing)
    I like the new sound on some tunes, but many of the tunes
    I've tried now lack the tone color they need.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

    As it is rare for me to make a post, please let me add.....

    Cheers to WBG/Turbine for ***working on the music system.

    Cheers to the musicians for the miraculous work
    they do to give us the music we so enjoy.

    Cheers to those that write the lyrics,
    stories and poems. Your words are music too.

    Cheers to the spectators that make all of the events
    in Middle Earth so special and so much fun.

    *** Wouldn't it be better to get the approval
    of the musicians before going live with any changes?

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    They increased the range of the lute with the 15.3 update.

    While this makes the lute more apt to play a wider variety of songs the new notes don't exactly sound in tune with the previous and there's a certain one in the middle that has a sort of 'twang' and 'wheeze' sound to it. I have yet to isolate it.

    I've been playing the other instruments to test out since the update too. I'll say theorbo sounds good now and that the clarinet/bagpipe were given deeper notes. Horn I haven't played enough of that I can make a sound judgment and flute itself doesn't sound like it'll cause ear bleeding. However the lute I'm mostly displeased with because that's the instrument I've made most of my ABC songs on and they no longer sound right. May need to use the harp in the meantime.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I guess the tone color is hard-coded into the instruments.
    I was hoping there was software that I could use to adjust things.

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    I think most of us are posting our complaints and thoughts here: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...42#post7341642

    Might we worth checking out as there is a drive to bring back our old lute as it was much more versatile than the new Mandobalute (mandolin/banjo/lute) :/
    I know its the bullroarer thread but its where we have all gathered for the most part.
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    Awesome. It rolls off the tongue very nicely.

    Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.




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