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I forget the names at the moment but there is an excellent light armour set and jewelry set that I was able to obtain from the Aughaire quests (Book 12 Angmar redesign) last night that I'm guessing will last me through the better part of the 40's. Even though most of the quests were yellow and orange (I'm level 41), I was able to solo all of them.
Ya, its Fem armor, you get all the peices from Crannog in aughair, just follow his quest line and you'll get them all. i forget the name of the jewellery, but its not really very good, find yourself a T4 master jewelcrafter and your set.

hopefully they update this: http://lotro.mmodb.com/sets/robes-of-fem-92.php
this set is amazing imo: http://lotro.mmodb.com/sets/vestment...e-grove-51.php
both all quested armors.
Jewellery set from aughair: http://lotro.mmodb.com/sets/bands-of...E1nkhas-97.php