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    Treebeard Server Improvement

    Hey guys and developers

    I noticed something while playing.

    With the difficulty level increase and associated with it, the longer combat duration and heavy of the fights also in terms of adds in combat, the respawn time of the enemy NPC should also decrease, or you put it to the player to choose from Fast and Medium and Slow.

    Fast = like current
    Medium = respawn time x2,5
    Slow = respawn time x5 Of course, you should also test this out, are only example numbers.

    You can also offer it from x1 - x10 or so.
    Especially in caves and narrow areas, it's very bad if everything respawns constantly and you have too many adds, or you have to fight your way out of somewhere for a miserable long time. Fast respawns are simply not suitable for the more difficult gameplay that you choose.

    Please think about it.

    Opinions, ideas, views expressly welcome.

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    This will never be a thing. If two, or more, players are in the same area have different 'respawn' settings, how would the game know which setting to use? There are also other challenges that make this unfeasible. Also, it's important to remember that the existing difficulty levels are essentially debuffs placed on a character that modify outgoing and incoming damage, etc. Modifying the respawn rate is likely more of a universal setting (at least for mobs of the same type and/or in the same area) and completely separate / different to how the difficulty levels work.

    This could be a possibility as a setting in an instance, but Landscape Difficulty is, by its very name, limited to landscape.


    Ultimately, 'difficulty' includes the respawn rates as they are. That's part of the challenge.

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    Yes, you are probably right.

    So far, I hadn't really explored the principle of increasing difficulty. But as you explained it well, this is done on an individual basis through a personal debuff.
    So the world doesn't get harder in that sense, the character itself is just made weaker.

    So the world didn't really have to be adapted to work for everyone, but everyone can determine their own weakness and still play together with everyone, against the actually unchanged game world.

    A respawn rate, however, can then only be adjusted globally for everyone, otherwise the world doesn't work that way.

    Of course, the whole respawn rate has been increased over time. Before, the respawn was significantly slower.
    Now, with the debuff, it becomes dramatic when everything around you respawns significantly faster.
    This may not be so noticeable with the first two difficulty levels, but I like to play on more of an increased lethality level and fight really hard through an MMORPG world, simply because it makes the most sense that way and slows the game down a bit rather than just rushing through it all the time.

    But when I'm in a cave and have to rest and do long, hard fights, I've noticed that the respawn doesn't work that way and is now set too high for the game variant.
    Now I want but also do not throttle my difficulty, because there is a reward at 50 and 100.
    Also, as I said, I like it when the NPCs also give me feedback back and are not just cones to clear.
    MMORPGs have always been hard and the goal has always been the game world itself.
    Anything else makes little sense to me if otherwise all the MMORPG principles like professions etc. have no real use.

    So my profession has become very important in the game, the world is exciting and I can enjoy it much better. Unfortunately, there is far too little group play, which is also due to the solo quest system.

    And end-game number hunting via items in Inis, I always found uninteresting and only ok as an accessory. MMORPGs are basically always the level paths and growing and a game world that you then slowly and carefully experienced and often group play operates and his professions have value, etc.

    Unfortunately, all this has deteriorated very much and we have actually not gained much, rather lost a lot of good and content beautiful, especially yes the co-op group play in the open world. Even small groups of 1-3 people for hours, I always found as very very important.
    From this, yes, the great guilds had formed, etc.

    Well... thanks for now.



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