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    Red face It's Good to be Back!

    I re-subscribed yesterday for one year as VIP. I spent the last year hopping around from game-to-game: WoW Classic, EQ2, FFXIV, GW2, AO, SWG Legends, and many others. Nothing ever landed for me, and I struggled to find a new home. I left shortly after the Minas Morgul expansion launched because I felt frustrated and let down being locked out of the new content while being an annual VIP subscriber for many years. I still have mixed feelings about it, but I understand SSG has a business to run. I just wish there were more perks (or discounts) for VIP.

    However, I've recently come full circle and decided to give LOTRO another go. I realized shortly after starting to play again that this game is my home. I'm a lover of Tolkien's work, esp. The Silmarillion and other Great Tales. Lord of the Rings is very good too, of course. But it really feels good to come back and support the game again. I'm starting over with a new character this go around, but I imagine I'll pick up the new expansions (Minas Morgul, War of the Three Peaks, and eventually Fate of Gundabad). I'm really happy to see SSG still supporting this game after so many years, fixing things like LI, and adding new content. I've recently read about new investors and plans for LOTRO's future, esp. with Amazon's new show coming up. Don't change it too much. What you've built is really wonderful and it has stood the test of time.

    Anyway, it's good to be back. I've always loved the community here. It's probably the least toxic of any modern MMO I'm aware of. See you in Middle Earth!
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    Welcome back

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    Welcome back. If you are looking for a fresh experience I would suggest checking out Treebeard, esp since ur VIP. It might be nicer to dive into the old zones with other players around, though on live servers you'll get a better experience if you plan to rush to end game and focus on the content at cap.
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    Welcome back! Middle Earth missed you! Have fun!



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