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Thread: New to Plugins

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    Question New to Plugins

    In all my years of playing LOTRO, I've never bothered with plugins -- until now.

    I started installing a couple new plugins, but I've noticed something strange. Neither plugin's "Options" tab is enabled in the Plugin Manager, even though according to LOTRO Interface screenshots, there absolutely should be Options available for each one. I've also noticed that the button to LOAD and UNLOAD is also disabled ("grey'd out" I think the parlance is).

    I've installed all of my Plugins to documents/The Lord of the Rings online/plugins. What might I be doing wrong here?
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    Select a plug-in in the left menu; then its Load button should become active.

    You can also use the drop down menu at the bottom of the plug-in manager to select which plug-ins are automatically loaded for which characters.
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    Options for plug-ins don't show until you load the plug-in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altair6 View Post
    Options for plug-ins don't show until you load the plug-in.
    Oh ok, I did not know that. I just started using plug ins a couple of days ago. Thanks!
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