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    Why is there weapon swaping?

    IMO, weapon swapping was devised by players because there was an buff on a LI that was powerful/useful that was eliminated when a LI was imbued.

    Thus the player base experimented and determined that you could weapon swap "during combat" and that you could then apply that non-imbued buff for a time.

    One solution I imagined was: Have the devs devise a potion that gives that buff/ability. Cooldowns and applicability to be determined by balance. That is: usable during combat or not, long or short cooldown.

    This could also be used as a gold sink and another crafting ability. One ingredient could be the legendary fragments created by deconning LIs.

    Another issue with weapon swapping is that IMO if you try to swap a weapon in combat you SHOULD lose the ability to use the first weapon until AFTER you are out of combat. Yes, there is a Disarmed debuff, but it can be reasoned that your main weapon had a 'sword-knot'. But if you purposely swapping a weapon it would be assumed that you did not attach your "sword-knot' and because you are in combat, you can not attach the 'sword-knot' of your swapped weapon. Having two or more main weapons attached to your wrists would seriously hamper your fighting ability.
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    Weapon swapping will be banned on next patch so you not need to worry about it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by TronGilrain View Post
    Weapon swapping will be banned on next patch so you not need to worry about it .
    I understand that, but my idea was to give the swappers a method that gives them what they seem to want. Check my edit above.

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    For some classes as champs it was needed to swap for certain skill becouse of design of that skills. So none of your ideas will work for them. Hunters were swapping cause they got so many good legacies they can't fit them on 1 bow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ainworth View Post
    I understand that, but my idea was to give the swappers a method that gives them what they seem to want. Check my edit above.
    Yeah sorry but your post has nothing to do with how or why there is weapon swapping in lotro. In fringe cases it because there was an old legacy that did not carry over to Imbuement, but by and large that is not the main reason why people weaponswap at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ainworth View Post
    Why is there weapon swaping?
    It started out making sense; Hunters and Wardens are both ranged classes. Once an NPC closed to melee range you'd swap out your ranged weapon for a melee weapon.

    Also there are quests where you're fishing or something and get attacked, so you need to swap out the fishing rod for a weapon.

    The base reasons make sense, what it's become is something else entirely.

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    It was to have our cake and eat it too, negating most choices, via more clicking and grinding. Edge for effort. I personally enjoy builds and stat planning/balancing, background math, so that was another layer particularly on red captain which would swap for heals too and warden which would swap between an LI and a non-LI weapon with different inherent stats.

    The new legacies, called traceries, are item-agnostic, can go on either LI type. Most classes will be able to get all they want for a given role now between the two LIs which negates one need for swapping. Though red captains will be back to having to make choices between DPS and off heals--they have >12 class traceries useful in that role.

    Being fairly risk averse already and having seen on Bullroarer the ground that they have yet to reclaim on class balance, I think extra moving parts as proposed by OP are just going to gum up the dev's balancing process further.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harvain View Post
    Cordovan traveling to Buckland - 00:51:17 to 00:53:35 - Weapon Swapping and SSG:

    • Comment: SSG is basically stopping Weapon Swapping after finally hearing about it.

      • Cordovan Comment: "No, we've been aware that it's been an issue for a long time and it's one of those long term debates as a Team we want to do this, we'll make everyone mad, let's kick it down the road, no but we really need to do this, okay but not now, we'll do this later and then later comes and we have that argument again and all that sort of thing. So a lot of times these sort of, even when we know that something needs to be done when we get a lot of feedback from the Community we do consider that feedback a lot and we're seeing that right now right? Where people are we like I wanna keep do my Weapon Swapping but we're finally ripping the band-off because it's terrible for the game, it's terrible for balance, it's a terrible gameplay experience and it's really difficult to balance long term."

      • Cordovan Comment: "It creates this class of who's willing to cheese the System and who isn't and we're not really interesting in playing that game. You're not cheating or anything by Weapon Swapping currently, you're just doing what you are allowed to do but that's why the solution is to get rid of it and that's why we will be doing that in the very near future. So it's not fair to say we just learned of it, we've known about it for a long time. It's just at the moment we finally have the political will and willingness to cause a little bit of disruption because of in-part of the LI work that is being done."
    Basically, Weapon Swapping could and should have been dealt with X amount of time ago, the Devs just didn't have the fortitude to do such then which would have led to X amount of time adjusting the game to a Post-Weapon Swapping Era we will soon find ourselves in.

    Eventually they'll have Combat for the Fate of Gundabad Expansion and later Content Updates for Instances and Raids better for this Post-Weapon Swapping Era and will have to shift their focus for how Combat is dealt with.

    Just another Item on the List of "It'll take Time".



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