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    Instead of Weapon swaping

    Why not make weapon swapping automatically applied to the skills. The same way champions switch their weapons when they use their bows or when hunters switch between melee and bow skills, the same way champions can switch between 2H and dual sword when they use certain skills.Add 2 more weapon slots to the characters so the champions have both dual swords and 2 handed on their backs and the skills automatically will draw the weapons they need.

    For example if you don't have two-handed weapon slotted you cann't do Ferocious Strikes and its grey and the same with dual sword on Raging blades for example. In that way the forbitten incombat weapon swapping wont effect weapon swapping.

    I hope you all got what i mean my English are terrible.
    REMOVE Rohan Kingstead Homestead from the open world map it ruins the immersion.

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    weapon swap will die after LI revamp
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