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    What is the most popular song in Middle-earth?

    Far over the misty mountains cold!

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    What is the most popular song in Middle-earth?

    Hey merry do, merry dol, me hearties!

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    What is the most popular song in Middle-earth?

    All dwarves songs have a magical ring to them

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    What is the most popular song in Middle-earth?

    Aye what’s that song about the green dragon inn?

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    What is the most popular song in Middle-Earth?

    Any song that Minstrels perform during a fellowship or raid to heal and buff people. Their rez song is also equally popular.

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    What is the most popular song in Middle-earth?

    Elvish is such a pretty language, so any elvish song is dandy by me!

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    What is the most popular song in Middle-earth?

    I’d like a good hobbit drinking medley!

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    The Cat and The Moon, of course!

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    Concerning Hobbits.
    Without a doubt.

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    Most popular song in Middle Earth?

    I suppose that depends on whom you ask.
    If you ask the Elves, at least the Sindar, it would be "Tra-la-la--lally, Come back to the valley" (speaking of Imladris, of course).
    If you ask the Dwarves, it would probably be "Beneath the Misty Mountains Cold."
    If you ask hobbits, you would get as many answers as there are farthings in the Shire, but most might agree to "The Man in the Moon."
    Men would probably agree on a battle hymn of Gondor (which is strange that I do not recall any at the moment), or "The Lament for Boromir."
    However, if you ask an orc, it might be "Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees!" which has oddly become a part of their questionable winter festivities. This has caused some rather disturbing questions for me as to the origins of our own modern inclusion of fir trees in our yuletide festivities.

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    What is the most popular song in Middle-earth?

    "There is an inn, a merry old inn
    beneath an old grey hill
    And there they brew a beer so brown
    That the Man in the Moon himself came down
    one night to drink his fill"
    - Frodo Baggins at the Prancing Pony

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    Prepare for Battle

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    A song by a small boyband called "The Nine Nazgûl"

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    What is the most popular song in Middle-earth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakeblue View Post
    Arg I was Rick Rolled. Rather look at this https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...TNHY48T-4OUCNr

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    "The road goes ever on and on..."

    But I'd say "they're taking the hobbits to Isengard" too lol

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    Tra-la-la-lally, Down in the Valley

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    I don't know the most popular, but maybe the least is the nursery-rhymes know as "Sweet Lara".
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    What is the most popular song in Middle-earth?

    My favorite is Concerning hobbits. I walked down the aisle at my wedding to it!

    "Where there's a whip, there's away" would be pretty popular amongst the leaders of the dark armies.

    Also, the song Lothlorien + Lament for Gandalf in Sindarin and Quenya are also incredibly beautiful.

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    Not sure if this counts, but I still like the main theme song from the movies themselves. A song from Middle Earth it would seem. And dont we hear a similar version at log in.

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    A song which

    A song which warms the heart while the fire you huddle around with your fellowship warms the soul.

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    One of those nice pieces played in inns and shops on slighly out-of-key instruments
    Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!
    Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow!
    Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!

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    Depending on where you are:

    1. Yo-he-ho-Yahorum (sp) found anywhere near marching orcs and angmarim
    2. Itsy-bitsy-Spider in Shelob's lair
    3. My Sheloba (see above)
    4. Ramble On by Undead Zepplin, by official Decree from the Evil Lord Himself (like it or DIE)

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    i like the ent and entwife song. or the ent marching song if that counts.


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